Remy Virgin Indian Hair

Do you want to know why Remy virgin Indian hair is often used for hair extensions? Would you like to know about the difference in Remy Indian virgin hair and the cheaper hair wefts? Read on for facts & information…

Remy hair is often known as Remy virgin Indian hair. The term virgin hair indicates unprocessed and un-treated natural hair. So when you buy Remy virgin Indian hair you can be sure that you are getting 100% natural hair without additives, enhancers or silicone coating which wears away with time. Since the hairs are natural, you get the same look year after year. Remy virgin Indian hairs are collected from people who offer their hair at various pilgrimage sites.

They are authentic human hair and are naturally black or brown but not blonde or jet black which makes them appropriate for people of various ethnicities.

The natural color of Remy virgin Indian hair is natural black or brown but they can be styled and colored as required.

Women all around the world are opting for hair weaving as a better way of getting glamorous long tresses without the hassle of maintaining their own hair. Besides when you choose Remy virgin Indian hair the look and feel is so natural that it’s hard to tell that it is not your natural hair.

Hair weaving has turned into an integral part of the fashion scene. It is a process through which hair are added or extended through weaving or braiding human or artificial hair. Human or synthetic hair is woven to the roots of a person’s natural hair so that the natural hairs are allowed to grow freely. This procedure is also known as hair integration.

Different types of hair can be used in the procedure but Remy virgin Indian hair is considered to be the best and most preferred for the purpose. Remy Indian hair is available in wefts of varying lengths You can get hair wefts that are between 10 to 16 inches of Remy virgin Indian hair. The cuticles and the roots in these wefts are at the opposite ends and the roots are sown together with a machine or by hand. The machine wefts are the most commonly available form.

Remy virgin Indian hair can be up to three times more expensive that the other hair varieties available in the market. But it is very durable and can last up to five times longer.

If you want to get hair extensions done, you should definitely consider Remy virgin Indian hair to get a naturally beautiful bouncy and voluminous look which will attract many appreciative glances

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