Volunteer work in Cuba

Would you like to do some volunteer work in Cuba? Do you want to know when & where the best places to volunteer in Cuba are? Our guide to volunteer work in Cuba gives you important information & facts.

In addition to government run volunteer projects, there are a number of independent volunteer organisations with operations in Cuba. Some of these volunteer organisations are involved in several volunteer projects in Cuba simultaneously, which may provide you with some choice of what type of volunteer work you would like to do. Many volunteer projects in Cuba are socially oriented and often involve teaching children, or looking after children with disabilities.  If you enjoy working with children, these types of volunteer projects in Cuba can be quite rewarding and often do not need any pre-requisite qualifications.

Construction Volunteer Projects

There are several independently run volunteer projects in Cuba that run along similar lines to government Volunteer schemes. These volunteer projects in Cuba usually involve some kind of agricultural or construction work that will be of value to the local Cuban community. If you like doing physical work outside, and want to work side by side with Cubans, this type of volunteer project in Cuba may suite you best.

Ecological Volunteer Projects

Cuba has a rich variety of wildlife and several vast areas of the country are considered to be either official or unofficial national parks. Some volunteer projects in Cuba are carried out with the aim of furthering scientific research in the field of wildlife studies and conservation. A typical ecological volunteer project in Cuba may involve collecting data about the habitat of birds in Cuba, or helping out at a crocodile breeding farm. This type of volunteer project provides good career experience if you intend to work in wildlife conservation or any natural science in the future.

Government Sponsored Programs

Every year the government of Cuba liaises with a network of international volunteer brigades from all over the world who come to Cuba in the summer to perform volunteer work in solidarity with Cuba and the revolution. There are currently international volunteer brigades for Cuba based in North American, Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Australia. Every year each volunteer brigade sends a contingent of about 100 volunteers to Cuba for about a month to engage in various types of volunteer work. Usually the volunteer work involves some kind of social construction project which is carried out in conjunction with Cuban workers. In addition to the actual volunteer work, the Government of Cuba provides various excursions of cultural and educational value around Cuba. Costs for the volunteer project including travel to and from Cuba are all paid by individual volunteers; however, this one of fee should include all food, board and excursion costs for the duration of the volunteer program. If you would be interested in participating in one of the international volunteer brigades to Cuba, your first point of call should be the offices of the Cuban volunteer brigade in your country or region.

Experience for Volunteer Projects in Cuba

The vast majority of volunteer projects in Cuba do not require any prior technical experience or official qualification. What is most important is that the volunteer possesses the right attitude and is willing to be flexible, accommodating and hard working. Everything else can be learnt on site while volunteering in Cuba.

Costs for Volunteering in Cuba

Unless you have a specific technical skill such as medicine or engineering, it is unlikely that you will have any of your expenses paid for you by the volunteer organisation. All costs including travel to and from Cuba, food and accommodation must be paid by the volunteer, although in practicality this often works out as a one off payment to the volunteer organisation who will then include everything in your volunteer program.

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