007 Goldeneye Cheats Unlock Egyptian Temple

Interested in 007 Goldeneye cheats unlock for the Egyptian Temple level? Read on for facts and info that can help you accomplish this task…

GoldenEye 007 is a very popular video game amongst James Bond enthusiasts. The game has a series of built-in cheats that can be used to gain access to different things and areas. The cheats options menu has about a total of 2 doze codes. However in order to activate these codes you need to meet some correct requirements. Unlike other cheat codes there are no specific controller options that can be utilized to activate these codes.

The following codes are enabled in the Cheat Options menu by completing the appropriate level on the specified difficulty level in the time allowed. At level 20, which is the Egyptian Temple level you can gain access to all guns by completing it at the 00 agent level in six minutes flat. Furthermore when you pass the Egyptian Temple level you gain access to the Golden Gun which is considered to be the most powerful weapon in the game.

Accomplishing the Egyptian Temple Cheat

Accomplishing the Egyptian temple cheat can be quite a tricky job. Since you need to complete it in a specific time frame it is good to keep a stop watch by your side. This will help you to keep track of your movement at every stage of the game. As the level starts you need to make your way through the tunnels of the temple and get out at the place of exit find the steps and get out of the section through the door as fast as you can.

Next you need to access the door that is situated under the stairs. You will find one of the enemies to be standing behind the door that you have to kill. At this point you can only make use of the PP7. It is advised not to make use of the Soviet KF7 till you finish this level.

Next you will need to make a dash for the door which can only be opened using your key card. This will lead the way to the security door panel. Once this door is opened you will find a security guard standing right in front of the panel who you have to shoot. Next you need to activate the panel and then run out of the room. When you make your way through the hallway you will have two guys shooting at you. You need not waste your time trying to kill them just shoot at them and try to make your way out of the hallway towards the security door which has now been opened. You shouldn’t get hit more than two times during this whole process.

While you are running through the hallway you need to search through your weapons for the mines. When you open the door you need to throw the mine in at the three guys which will be standing there start to the left and detonate the mine. Wait as the explosion blows the mine and then make a dash outside the door to get inside the small room while closing the door behind you. In this way you will be able to acquire the cheats for the Egyptian Temple level for the 007 GoldenEye video game.

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