Ancient Egyptian Remedies

Need information on ancient Egyptian remedies? Read on to discover the treatments and surgery popularly used for an ancient Egyptian remedy…

Ancient Egypt has a rich cultural heritage which includes mythology, history, medicine and science amongst many others areas of development. Prior to inducing any treatment on the sick, the medicine practitioner or physician in ancient Egyptian culture would actually consider a diagnosis.

Since they did not have modern-day testing equipments the physician would rely on their experience as well as use their observation skills to diagnose the ailment which was plaguing the patient.

Following this, the physician would refer to medical papyri to follow a good and beneficial treatment plan which may include medicine or surgery. There are a variety of diseases that were common in Egypt during the ancient times and this led to the creation of many popular ancient Egyptian remedies to cure the sick.

Popular Ancient Egyptian Remedies Used By Physicians

If a patient complained of different digestive problems then coriander was utilized because it has the properties stimulate the digestive tract as well as cool it down.

The use of naturally found Egyptian black fig was very common to create an ancient Egyptian remedy for the treatment of infections of the bronchial tract. Apart from this the versatile fruit was utilized as a laxative and was considered to have special properties which could cure impotency in men.

Cumin was often utilized in the form of a paste to cure arthritis. This paste was prepared by mixing fresh cumin with ground wheat flour and clean water to make a thick paste which was applied on joints which hurt. For treating common skin disorders, emmer wheat was ground finely and used to create poultices and ointments to cure the suffering person.

Papyrus was utilized as an antidepressant because it was considered to have powers of restoration. Infected wounds were cleansed with Fir oil while toothaches were treated with crushed willow. Poppy seeds were helpful in treating insomnia and relieving pain because of its narcotic properties.

Mint was also utilized to heal gastric ailments and honey was utilized for its antibacterial properties along with being utilized as an antibiotic on open wounds. Garlic helped with the endurance and ailments of the bronchial tract.

Blindness Treated with an Ancient Egyptian Remedy

Due to the constant exposure to the sun, ancient Egyptians suffered from eye disease and damage to a high degree. This issue was quite pronounced as it was often a cause of blindness amongst Egyptians in ancient times. It led to the evolution of an ancient Egyptian remedy which comprised of using bat blood due to their power of night vision. A remedy was created and injected into the ears of the blind person, however the physician was not to be blamed if he followed the remedy accurately and the treatment failed.

Ancient Egyptian Remedies Using Surgery

With the harsh environment there were often bone injuries like broken bones and fractures, arthritis as well as joint inflammation which in fact was the disease suffered by Ramesses II. Other diseases included the crater of the spine and age-related chronic arthritis.

Ancient Egyptian remedies were used to relieve pain and cure inflammation. However amputations were commonly carried out if required to save the body from further harm.

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