Egyptian Eagle Statues

Interested in Egyptian Eagle Statues? Read on to discover the importance of the Egyptian Eagle statue in modern times…

The eagle signifies complete freedom and power. In ancient Egypt the massive wings of the eagle stood out on each side of the sun disk which represented Horus the Supreme god in Egyptian mythology. In present times it is an undisputed icon of the American country which depicts the bald eagle as a source of longevity, imperial grace and strength.

The animal resides high on top of mountains and sales gracefully across tall trees with the force of the wind. Similar to the bald eagle the ancient Egyptian eagle statues have been created to honor and revere this elegant bird. In modern times this ancient creature is captured in glass, bronze molds or pewter and sits on shelves, coffee tables and decorates galleries.

Egyptian Eagle Statues through Egyptian History

In ancient Egypt you can find the Eagle statues created out of Big Stone chunks. There were many animals and birds which were utilized to depict the gods and harness the power of these animals for protection. The lion head Sphinx looks like a lion wearing a crown of the Pharaoh. The God Osiris is often depicted with the human body on top of which rests the head of a hawk. Similarly, Egyptian eagle sculptures as well as Tigers and cobras were very common in the ancient culture and heritage of this rich land which has a history of over 6000 years.

Initially the ancient Egyptian eagle statue was found in conjunction with the serpent but was later on replaced by the statue of a vulture. It was supposed to replicate the power in its symbolism but also was part of the cosmology followed by Egyptians in the centuries gone by. Later on the eagle went on to denote the Roman Empire and the spirit of the human race.

The Egyptian Eagle as Part of Mythology

The beautiful ancient Egyptian statues were crafted by a large number of skilled craftsmen who would work out the dimensions as well as the intricacies of carving an Egyptian eagle statue in stone. The Egyptian eagle was utilized in symbolic parts of the body and often was depicted with its talons holding a single serpent. The head of the Egyptian eagle was utilized to create statues which had a half human half bird nature.

This meant that the head of the person was that of the Egyptian eagle in this timeless statute. Furthermore, the Egyptian eagle and its magnificent wings appeared on either side of the Sun Disc and depicted the power of the God Horus to transform himself into the sun disk and fly during the battles with the evil God Seth.

In the initial period the focus of Egyptian craftsmanship and statues was on the pharaohs, Queens as well as the religious deities, it was common to see animals like the Tiger, lion and serpents like the cobra and birds like the eagle being crafted and carved out of stone.

However, later on limestone and marble was utilized to depict different scenes from the Egyptian landscape and sometimes common people and scenery are also incorporated in the magnificent artwork of this time. These were definitely not part of the expensive Temple’s and tombs of the pharaohs but in fact were utilized to decorate the houses of noblemen and the elite gentry.


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