Egyptian Louis XV Commode

Want to buy an Egyptian Louis XV Commode? Read on to discover the exclusive styles available for the Egyptian Louis XV Commodes…

The Egyptian Louis Xv commode is similar to the chest of drawers and functions as a cabinet. This design was popularized in France by end of the 17th century. The general style included a wooden cabinet with a pair of doors or 3 to 4 drawers and a marble top.

Purpose of the Egyptian Louis XV Commode

Egyptian Louis Xv Commode is a heavy piece of furniture which has gently curving sides giving it a convex shape which was later called bombe in furniture terminology. Two tone lacquer work was utilized to decorate both the body and the legs of the Egyptian Louis Xv Commode.

Unique Craftsmanship of the Original Louis XV Commode

A unique method of crafting and protecting the vertical sides was to decorate the edges of the drawer by following the curved outline of the furniture to decorate it with bronze or ormolu guild work. As extravagance and luxury became more popular, the Louis XV Commodes became more decorated with ormolu.

With the changes in styles in France, by the 19th-century Louis XV commode had become a staple piece of functional furniture and was less decorated. However, as this furniture style became popular in Egypt, the ancient art of ormolu and ornamental decorations was revised and localized.

Fashionable Egyptian Louis XV Commodes

You can find a variety of Egyptian Louis XV commode being crafted in Egypt till today. A beautifully hand crafted, solid wood Egyptian Louis XV commode can be found with three drawers which are decorated with bronze details and have a marble top, following the traditional French style. You can place this beautiful piece of furniture in your living room and use it as China Cabinet or storage drawer.

The Egyptian Louis XV Commode crafted in the convex Bombe style is finished with 2 drawers and has a fine dark veneer. It boasts slightly longer cabriole legs than the normal commode. This style has a beautiful green marble top which is further enhanced by bronze gilded design in the shape of flowers which are further enhanced by brass mounts.

For a fancy Egyptian Louis XV commode you can actually purchase a transitional style bombe commode which has two doors and cabriole legs. This contemporary style commode is crafted out of exotic wood and the Marquis utilized to decorate it giving it a very floral and Provencal feel which is further enhanced with the marble top, ormolu mounts and brass inlays.

Perhaps you would like to select a fine Egyptian Louis XV commode crafted out of pure rosewood? This beautiful wood contrasts very well with a light beige or pale green marble top. It is beautifully decorated with bronze and iron handles which decorate each of the three drawers.

Global Shipping of the Egyptian Louis XV Commode

The furniture crafted in Egypt can be shipped worldwide within six weeks and the companies follow standardized packaging options which ensure that you receive an undamaged piece of furniture.


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