Egyptian Mau Breeders

Want to learn more about Egyptian Mau breeders? Read on for facts and info on this amazing cat from ancient Egypt and how Egyptian Mau breeding initiated in North America…

The Egyptian Mau is truly one of the most fascinating breed of cats out there. There are a number of things that add value to this exotic pet. First of all it has a very interesting historical past and mythological significance in ancient Egypt. Furthermore it has a unique personality coupled by a striking appearance which makes it a much sought after breed of cat.

In traditional Egyptian language the cat is referred to as “Mau”. Archaeologists have been able to find exact descriptions for the Mau cat in ancient Egyptian art. The depiction has been so clear that it leaves no questions regarding the exact species which has been depicted in the artwork. The Mau was a unique spotted cat that had been domesticated and popularly kept as a pet.

The Egyptian Mau is a subspecies whose lineage can be traced back to the African wildcat. It is the only living naturally spotted species of cat in the world which is why it is considered to be a living relic from the days of ancient Egypt. This exotic breed of cat had a fundamental role to play in Egyptian religion and mythology. It was also a special part of the everyday life of the common Egyptian man.

These cats were held in high reverence in the Egyptian society and they were even worshiped as deities in some particular dynasties. The common man would show great affection towards this cat and there were special laws in place that ensured the protection of the Mau. The respect with which the Egyptians treated the Mau cat can be seen in the fact that this was one of the very few animals that used to be mummified upon its death. In fact the Egyptians would mourn the death of a Mau cat.

Egyptian Mau Cat Breeders in North America

Today you will be able to find Egyptian Mau cat breeders all across North America and many other different parts of the world. The first specimen of this breed made its way to North American continent in 1956 as it accompanied the Russian princess, Nathalie Troubetskoy who was exiled from her homeland. It was in 1977 that the Egyptian Mau was officially recognized by the CFA. It is believed that in the past every single specimen of this breed actually originated from two imports from amongst the Fatima cattery. However today, with the new imports the gene pool for Egyptian Mau breeders has become quite enriched and broad.

Egyptian Mau Characteristics

The most unique aspect about this cat is the fact that it is the only natural spotted breed of domesticated felines. It is known for possessing a very high level of intelligence and has extremely strong family values amongst its breed and also when it comes to developing relationships with human beings. The Egyptian Mau is at times even more loyal than the loyalist of dogs and shows unconditional devotion to their human masters.



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