Egyptian Revival Necklace

Want to buy an Egyptian revival necklace? Read on for facts and info on the unique styling of Egyptian revival necklaces…

Egyptian Revival NecklaceThe discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun is considered to be one of the most important archaeological finds from the grounds of Egypt. It was following this discovery that the Egyptian revival jewelry trend initiated.

Archaeologists were able to find many different jewelry articles from this particular site which included headdresses, belts, necklaces and many more items. Consequently this era was termed as the Egyptian revival period. The first Egyptian revival fashion trends broke out in 1920s which is when this particular site was discovered. Egyptian revival made a comeback again in the 1970s during which Egyptian style necklaces became particularly popular.

Egyptian Revival Necklaces Materials

Egyptian revival necklaces were made using a fine selection of materials and almost always had symbolic significance. Some of the most popularly used symbols in Egyptian necklace designs include Pyramids, sphinx, ankhs, pharaohs and perhaps the most popular of them all, the scarab. Sterling Silver and Gold were the most commonly used precious metals for creating Egyptian revival necklaces. However the use of other materials like Bakelite, Czech glass and various other gemstones like lapis and turquoise was also characteristic of Egyptian revival necklaces.

When the trend of Egyptian revival jewelry made a comeback in the 1970s this time around the jewelry was not as precious and high quality as it was back in the 1920s. Egyptian revival necklaces came into fashion in the 1970s after the treasures from the tomb of King Tut went on a tour of the United States. The public was amazed by the grandeur of ancient Egyptian jewelry and hence once again took to those aesthetic sensibilities.

There were a number of companies involved in the production of costume jewelry in the 1970s in United States. These include companies like Miriam Haskell, Art Company and Sarah Coventry. On being exposed to Egyptian revival jewelry the companies produced Egyptian necklaces in mass quantity. Rather than making use of genuine materials that were to be found on the ancient necklaces these companies made them using plastic and base metals. At best the necklaces were gold plated rather than being made out of actual gold.

There were a number of other fashion accessories inspired by ancient Egyptian traditions that became popular in the 1970s. These included wallets, purses, earrings, bracelets, armbands and belts. Belts with Egyptian motifs were perhaps the most popular revival fashion accessory from the collection.

Egyptian Revival Necklace Value

The value of Egyptian revival necklaces varies considerably hence you need to carefully analyze the value of Egyptian necklaces when looking to buy one. For example a branded costume jewelry article from one of the popular companies from the 1970s maybe worth a lot more than an unmarked and damaged 1920s necklace even though the later may have been made using better building materials.

Furthermore since Egyptian revival jewelry is classified as costume jewelry you need not spend a lot of money on buying expensive necklaces when you can carry the same look with cheap costume jewelry modeled according to the Egyptian style.

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