German Army Jacket Fancy Dress

German Army jackets make impressive fancy dress costumes for various occasions like school competitions and parties, and they kindle a sense of patriotism in the air. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Dressing up with fancy costumes for occasions has been popular over several centuries in different parts of the world. The origin of fancy dress parties dates back to the 15th century, when Italian balls were characterized by masquerades. However, masquerades lost popularity, and dressing up as characters replaced the trend. While fancy costumes portray historical personalities, royal figures, celebrities and characters from famous literary works, army costumes have crept in to acquire a unique place. German Army jackets are commonly used in theme parties, and are particularly liked by youngsters.

German Army Jackets

The German Army jacket is not only a fashionable attire but also commands respect, as it is reminiscent of the powerful German Army. These jackets portray a few styles such as the long parka reaching below the knees and the standard ones. The parka jackets are fleece-lined, typically creating the scene of a cold wilderness, and therefore suitable for such a theme. The popular camouflage Fleck tarn pattern of these jackets is very attractive and authentic. This pattern is liked by quite a few people.

German Army Fancy Dress

Army fancy dress costumes have become popular since the past few decades. This is because army clothing have become popular worldwide, and the younger generation has a nice appeal for exotic army jackets, boots and other items, typifying the authentic German military style. The sturdiness of army clothing is perceptible from the fabrics, digital camouflage patterns and the typical colors such as olive or sage green.  German Army jackets are mostly worn as costumes to convey a message about the military to the audience.

Patriotic Inspiration

These jackets have been popularly used in theatre, amateur dramatics, films, re-enactments and fancy dress occasions. They are particularly popular among school children as they tend to teach them about the role played by the military in protecting the country. Combined with a theme and a scene depicting the military field life, they impart a feeling of bravery and responsibility among youngsters.

Army fancy dresses can easily be purchased through online shops. They are also available at physical stores, particularly army surplus stores at cheap costs. Online stores allow the buyers to compare between different sites and choose the optimal one. Another advantage of purchasing German Army jackets for fancy dress occasions is that, after the occasion they can simply be added to the wardrobe and used for regular wear.

Regardless of the age of the wearer, a German Army jacket is an excellent choice for a fancy dress party or competition, with many combinations for the required accessories and creative ideas to establish a theme.

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