Sporades Islands in Greece

Whether you are visiting the Sporades Islands as part of an island hopping expedition, or as part of your honey moon, the islands typically enable tourists to enjoy beautiful weather whilst visiting the outstanding attractions.

The beautiful, Sporades Islands which are situated in the Aegean Sea to the South East of the Pelion Peninsula of mainland Greece, are comprised of 11 islands. Only four of the Sporades Islands are inhabited in this lovely and unspoilt part of Greece leaving the others to remain a peaceful haven for the nesting birds of the area.

The Sporades are some of the most sought after holiday island destinations offering a diverse mix of delights in this part of Greece with their unspoilt beauty and pine fringed coves which are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

For the party animal tourist seeking lively beaches and night life, Skiathos  is the Sporades Island to head for, although one can still find quiet coves to get away from the buzz.  Once the exclusive haunt of the rich and famous in the sixties to this part of Greece, Skiathos is one of the most popular of the Sporades. It has an International Airport  and regular Ferry and Hydrofoil links to the other Islands. Skiathos can also be reached by Ferry from the lively town of Volos on mainland Greece.

The other lively package holiday destination to the Sporades is Skopelos although it is less commercial than its sister Skiathos and can offer more tranquillity and a flavour of traditional Greece.

For the eco tourist in Greece, Alinissos is the Sporades Island which has been designated one of the six ‘Eco Islands’ of Europe by the European Community. Alonissos is in the heart of this protected Marine Park of Greece consisting of a number of small uninhabited islets which dot the waters around the Sporades.

The Marine Park of the Sporades Islands was established in 1992 and was set up with the intention of protecting one of the world’s most endangered species, the Monk Seal, which lives around the coast of Alonissos along with protecting rare species of flora and fauna on the island.

The fourth and remaining inhabited Island of the Sporades is Skyros which lies south east of the other islands.  Like Alonissos, Skyros also offers a more tranquil venture for the tourist, particularly if they are seeking a traditional flavour of Greece. Some of the older inhabitants of this island still take a pride in wearing traditional costume and, what is not widely known, is that Skyros is the home of the indigenous Skyrian pony which has been bred from ancient times.

There is a limited ferry service to Skyros from the other islands of the Sporades which helps it to retain its tranquil quality. The tourist to Skyros seeking to observe traditional Greece will not be disappointed when they see male islanders perform the age old Skyrian Goat Dance which takes place just before Lent.   Some of the men dance in the streets wearing goat skins, masks and sheep bells whilst accompanied by men dressed in women’s Skyrian clothing, thus ensuring the past customs of Greece are retained in the present.

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