Indian Bridal Nose Rings

The Indian bridal nose ring is an integral part of a traditional Indian wedding jewelry set. For more information on the importance and spiritual importance of the nose ring read on…

While Indian bridal nose rings are intended to enhance the beauty of the bride, they are also associated with a number of Hindu religious beliefs. The sixth chakra is located in the center of the forehead just above the bridge of the nose and nose ring. The nose ring celebrates this important center of focus. There is also a belief that the nose is associated with romance and sensuality and these emotions are strengthened by the use of the ring.

Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian form of holistic healing, associates nose piecing with the female reproductive organs. Nose piercing is used as a remedy for menstrual cramps and it is believed to lessen the pain of child birth. Many married Indian women wear nose rings or studs every day. The ring may be worn in the left or right nostril depending on the region where the woman lives.

Indian Nose Rings & Fertility

As part of the wedding costume, the indian bridal nose ring is also associated with fertility. Many cultures use fertility symbols in wedding ceremonies and the association between fertility and nose rings dates back over 6000 years in Vedic scripts. The connection between nose rings and fertility is limited to practitioners of the Hindu religion, but Indian bridal nose rings are also worn by Muslim brides.

Nose rings are used in many cultures in Asia and Africa and their meanings vary depending on the country and the culture. The Beja and Berber tribes of Africa use nose rings to display their wealth. In these cultures the larger the jewels in the nose ring, the wealthier the family of the wearer. Nose rings have also become a symbol of rebellion in many Western countries where body piercing is not considered a cultural norm.

Indian Wedding Jewelry Sets

Ornate bridal jewelry sets often include a bridal nose ring which may be attached to bridal earrings with chains. While Muslim brides are more likely to wear studs, it is common for Hindu brides to wear large bridal nose rings, often decorated with colored gems. Indian bridal nose rings give brides a more ethnic appearance and are commonly worn even by brides who opt for more Western style wedding ceremonies.

Although all bridal jewelry was once made only in gold or silver, it is now available in less expensive metals. It is important to choose nose rings made from gold, silver or surgical steel since infection from piercings can be an issue with nose jewelry. Indian bridal nose rings continue to be an important part of the traditional wedding dress.

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