Temple Carvings of India

Are you interested in learning about the carvings featured on temples in India? Do you want to discover the beauty of the temple carvings of India? Read our guide for more facts and information...

The Suchindram temple is but one of many temples in India; it is unique however as it is dedicated to three different deities but features only one image. The Suchindram temple is rich in sculptures and art that dates back hundreds of years. It is also imposing as it rises 134 feet into the air.

The Suchindram Temple of India is covered with sculptures and statues from Hindu mythology. Main features include a beautifully carved door as well as other beautiful carvings throughout the temple. It is also known for four large pillars in the north that are formed out of smaller pillars. This collection of pillars are known as the musical pillars.


The Brihadesswarar Temple of India is the world’s most complete granite temple. It is regarded as one of the great glories of Indian architecture. The temple was constructed in a time of war and fortified walls now surround the temple. The Brihadesswarar temple features a statue of Nandi, a sacred bull, which is carved out of one rock.

The multi-faced columns of the temple are also decorated with a variety of carvings. Inside the temple there is a carved image of the primary deity, Shiva, which the temple was built in honour of. The Brihadesswarar temple also features a highly decorated entrance.

Undavalli Caves

The Undavalli Caves are a style of temple in India that dates back into Ancient times, making these caves some of the oldest temples in India. The Undavalli caves are carved out of solid rock found in the Indian countryside. The Undavalli caves are four stories in height and feature a huge carved statue of Lord Vishnu.

The walls of the Undavalli caves also display numerous sculptures all of which were created by local craftsmen. The Undavalli caves are a form of rock cut architecture which was prominent in the early days of Indian architecture.


The Ramappa temple was constructed in the medieval period of India. The Ramappa temple earns its name from its sculptor rather than the more traditional name of a deity. It is believed that the Ramappa temple required 40 plus years of construction before it was completed.

The Ramappa temple of India features brilliant art and numerous sculptures and can be identified by the star shaped platform that the temple rests on lifting it from the ground. From the base of the Ramappa temple all the way to the top imposing statues are found.

Intricate carvings also line the walls and ceilings as well as the pillars of the structure.  The hall in front of the sanctum found in the interior of the Ramappa temple is also lined with carved pillars. The figures illustrated on the Ramappa temple are selected from Hindu mythology.  The Ramappa temple has sustained some damage due to war, time and even an earthquake.

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