Italian Garden Design

Want to make your backyard into an Italian style garden? Get great advice on how to start off building your own Italian garden. Our guide to Italian garden design gives you the tips, facts & information you want to know.

Amongst the different things from Italy that have caught the attention of the world is their unique sense of garden designing. Italian gardens are extremely well laid out pieces of land that can give you a wonderful experience. They consist of a wide variety of carefully selected Mediterranean herbs that are creatively composed on a flat leveled piece of land. Italian gardening trends have been handed down through generations and their roots can be traced back to centuries ago. The trend that is fast becoming a worldwide craze actually belongs to the monasteries and convents of medieval Europe. Today many people are intrigued by the typical Italian garden and hope to build one just like it in their homes.

Designing Your Garden

Many people assume that designing an Italian style garden is beyond their capabilities. The truth however is quite the contrary because with a little supervision and some very important guidelines you can easily end up with a beautiful garden in your backyard. It is important to understand the Italian theme before commencing with the idea for which you have tons of online resources. The ideal Italian garden for your home should have a shaded patio area which would provide adequate space for you to sit and enjoy tea or coffee out in the open during the summers. The patio should be carefully positioned in close proximity of the house so as to have all the basic amenities at your disposal.

There are a number of ways in which you can make yourselves an ideal shaded place. A simple pagoda using wood or wrought iron can be constructed with a strong structure made from taught wires at the sides. To give the shade an Italian touch you can have vines creeping on it or have some roses or classic scented plants like Ryhnochospermum jasminoides. If the plants are carefully maintained the roof along with the side of the structures ought to be covered within a span of a year. Amongst the different kinds of vines that you can use for your Italian garden the strawberry vine is probably the best suited for the purpose. This is because it is disease resistant and it releases a sweet fragrance of strawberries during the summer season.

The Finishing Touches

To give your garden the classic Italian touch you will have to give the right kind of flooring and pathways. An inexpensive way to do that is to use broken travertine and give the floor a radical paving effect. You can even go with rustic or reclaimed bricks to give it the country feel with river washed gravel that has a beige hue. Add some Italian style furniture to the area and you will have created just the right kind of ambiance for the place. Then you have to pay great emphasis on the arrangement of the plants within the shaded area. Plants like the Boxwood can add to the class of the patio by arranging them symmetrically on the entrances. White Hydrangeas in large vases, Osmanthus Fragrans with their sweet scent and Gardenia jasminoides with their outstanding beauty will complete your Italian garden for you. Make sure you use a geometrical composition while arranging your plants because this is the trademark setting of an Italian garden.

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