Italy ISD

Want to learn more about Italy ISD? Read on for facts and info on the Italy Independent School District in Texas…

Popularly known as the best little school in the state of Texas, Italy ISD has established a tradition of excellence in the field of education. The Independent School District is currently expanding its academic and athletic activities.

What sets this school apart is the fact that it pays equal attention to academics and athletics. In fact it has a dedicated fan following officially known as “Gladiator Athletics”. This department is responsible for regulating all the sports related activities of the school. Among the sports that the school participates in are football, volleyball, basketball for both boys and girls. They also have baseball facilities along with softball, golf, tennis, track and even power lifting facilities for students.

Each sport has a dedicated team of professionals that is responsible for training the youth and regularly holding intra school and interschool competitions in their respective sports. Students at Italy ISD are encouraged to pursue their athletics seriously and are provided all necessary facilities to train themselves to become professionals in their sport of choice.

The school also runs its own library that features an extensive range of books on every possible topic. Along with covering all academic fields the library has a special section for books related to athletics. Students are free to use the books available in the library.

In order to provide students at Italy ISD proper guidance when pursuing their education, the school has hired a professional counselor that deals with every student on a personal level. The counselor is available to work with students regarding issues associated with study skills, class schedules, college plans as well as any other issue that may be bothering the young students.

Italy ISD strives to maintain a high level of discipline among its students as well as teachers and management. For this purpose they issue a specific student handbook that allows the prospective student to be informed about the policies that govern the school. You can also access their website to get information on various other aspects such as the code of conduct that is expected of every student, the dress code, tardy policy and the other aspects.

In order to facilitate the students the school has incorporated the latest technological devices into the educational system. This includes a full-fledged computer lab with state-of-the-art equipment as well as a science lab for students of chemistry, physics and biology.

One of the things that separates this particular school from others in the region is the fact that Italy ISD actually offers special programs for students that have been discovered to have some sort of physical or mental disability.

These programs are oriented towards providing special children with an equal educational opportunity and the curriculum is tailored to match their potential. Special faculties have been set up for students with impaired sight and hearing and this kind of education is provided to children from the age of 3 through to the age of 21.


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