Terracotta Water Coolers Italy

Want to buy Terracotta water coolers from Italy? Read on for facts and info on the benefits and uses of Italian Terracotta water coolers…

Cool water is definitely a big blessing especially in the summer season. However many people are uncomfortable with drinking water stored in the refrigerator as it tends to become too cold. If you are looking for the ideal alternative that will enable you to enjoy water at cool temperatures that offers a pleasurable drink then you might want to consider terracotta water coolers from Italy.

The use of terracotta as a building material for vessels and other storage containers for food and water has been prevalent for thousands of years. The same material is also used to prepare works of art in different cultures. The Italians combined these two uses of terracotta to produce water coolers that have the ability to cool water through an all natural means down to a temperature range between 12 to 15°. Italian terracotta coolers make a great addition to any home because of their form as well as function.

Not only do terracotta coolers cool the water down to a more desirable temperature but they also make the water taste better. In fact scientific research attests to the fact that water stored in terracotta containers, which may be available in the form of coolers or dispensers, is actually healthier for the human body. Furthermore since the water is at a desirable temperature and tastes better one is likely to increase one’s consumption of water, which is always good for the body.

Some of the Italian Terracotta water coolers that you will be able to find on the market are mentioned below:

Terra Cotta Carafe

This product serves as the ideal water container and has the capacity to hold up to 1 L of water. It has the ability to cool the water down to less than 12 to 15° below the average room temperature in its surroundings. Another benefit of this terracotta water container is the fact that it has the ability to retain the chill of water that is poured into it. That means that you can actually pour cold water from the refrigerator into this container and rest assured that the water is going to be cool for a long time to come. The product is available with a matching nonporous plastic drip tray as well as a cap.

Mini Terra Cotta Water Dispenser

If you are looking to try out terracotta coolers then you might want to take advantage of this small and portable dispenser. This product has been designed so that it can be conveniently placed on a nightstand, a desk or even in your office. Many people require a constant supply of water during the night. This mini terracotta water dispenser is ideal for storing cool water for the night and hence you will not need to go to the refrigerator every time you require water. This product is available with a spigot which makes it fully functional. The terracotta dispenser measures a total of 10.5 inches in height and has a diameter of about 5 inches making it a very practical utility item.

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