Lake Pertusillo Spinoso Italy

Want to learn more about Lake Pertusillo, Spinoso, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this beautiful location in the region of Spinoso, Italy…

Italy is one of the top-rated tourist destinations from around the world. There are many things about Italy that attract Globetrotters to the region. Amongst the many great things that Italy has to offer is its diverse natural topography.

Italian lakes in particular, offer visitors a chance to marvel at the natural beauty and majestic ambience created by the presence of these water bodies amidst a serene environment.

Lake Pertusillo, situated close to the Spinoso region of Italy is one of the most frequented lakes of Italy. It is regarded as being a magical sight that attracts a large number of visitors every year. The crystal-clear water actually acts like a mirror reflecting the surrounding nature on its surface. Luxuriant parks with a backdrop of overshadowing mountains surround it.

The lake is situated in the southern side of Italy that makes it accessible from many of the other tourist hot spots situated in the side of the country. One of the most amazing things about this site is the spectrum of colors that you get to see on the location.

Surely, not even a painter can capture the essence of what Lake Pertusillo has to offer with respects to its diversity and richness of colors. From tints and shades of green on the surrounding hills, to the various hues of blues on the lake, the site is definitely worth the trip on its own.

Those who have had the chance to experience the lake in person insist it is a symbolic reflection of life and carries energy inside, much like a crystal bowl that reflects the nature around it. Lake Pertusillo has been known as Diga Pietra of Pertusillo throughout its history. The strategic location of the lake makes it the southern entrance to the Italian region of High Agri Valley.

Another unique feature of the location is the fact that it has a very abundant variety of seasons, which makes it worth visiting at any point during the year. Each season the lake has a new perspective to offer. The spring season is best for taking walks along the lake. The summer season is also very pleasant because of the clear waters that come in from Lake Agri and flow in directly into the Pertusillo Lake.

Perhaps the most unique season to visit Lake Pertusillo is the autumn season. This is when you will be able to find a diverse range of colors on the surrounding mountains being reflected on the surface of the lake.

The winter season creates yet another different and serene environment as the skies are much bluer and the sunlight hitting the waves on the lake creates a cozy and comforting ambiance.

Since Lake Pertusillo is such a major tourist attraction, the Italian authorities have developed many accommodation facilities close by which allow visitors to reach the location on foot.

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