Oppido Mamertina Town Italy

Want to visit the Oppido Mamertina town in Italy? Discover the history of this Greek influenced town of Oppido Mamertina in Italy…

The name of the town Oppido Mamertina, based in Italy has its origins from the Greek language and is derived from the word Ophidous. It is not only a town, but also a comune for the Calabria Region in southern Italy, which is also known as the province of Reggio Calabria.

History of Oppido Mamertina Town in Italy

If you discuss the history of Oppido Mamertina a town in Italy, most people speak of its fame being derived from the resistance it offered for a prolonged duration before it fell to Roger the Norman’s forces in the year of 1056. This warrior hailing from the Sicilian town ravaged this small-town till the resistance effort broke down. Actually, it is also the seat of the Diocese of Oppido Mamertina in Italy.

Importance of the Oppido Mamertina Town In Italy

Oppido Mamertina town in Italy is the commune or the administrative division of the provinces, as well as the regions in southern Italy. It can be considered the equivalent of and compared to the term of municipality or township.

The main function of Oppido Mamertina, as the town, which is also a commune in Italy, is to provide the basic civil functions of the region.

This includes the registration of all the deaths as well as the births in the region, registering of the deeds as well as contracting for public works and local road networks.

A sindaco or town mayor who is assisted by a legislative body known as the Consiglio Comunale heads the town. Apart from this an executive body known as the Giunta Comunale also assists the mayor. The citizens who are residents of the particular region elect the mayor as well as the members of the Consiglio Comunale in a joint election.

To the municipality of Oppido Mamertina, also belong the localities of Piminoro, Messignadi, Quarantano, Zurgonadio and Tresilico.

Accommodation in Oppido Mamertina Town in Italy

Most of the facilities located in the Oppido Mamertina town in Italy are strategically placed between the stunning Tyrrhenian Sea and the azure waters of the Ionion Sea. You can easily reach the coast and the beaches within 20 minutes and even enjoy a trek in the renowned Natural Park of Aspromonte, which is just at a distance of 5 kilometers. Why not enjoy the historical sites of Magna Graecia while you are in Oppido Mamertina town in Italy? Truly a delightful vacation spot, Oppido Mamertina town in Italy is a must visit location for an idyllic vacation.

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