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Want to learn more about Palo Del Colle, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this historically undefeated town of Italy….

Palo Del Colle is an Italian town situated at a distance of about 15 km from Bari. The exact location of the town is inland from the city of Bari upon a hill. It is because of this that the town has been given its name which translates as “Pole on the Hill”.

The town is spread over a total area of about 100Km2 and is at an altitude of about 177 meters above sea level. The total population of this Italian town has been recorded as being 20, 000.

There are disputes regarding the origin of this Italian town. According to some Roman authors such as Pliny, the town of Palo Del Colle is actually of Greek origin. The reason for this notion was formed on the discovery of coins dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries. The coins clearly showed that the region was once part of a very organized civil structure. Another clear sign is the ancient inscription of Herculea Proles which translates as descendants of Hercules. The Greek colonizers of the region held Hercules as their patron. Even the original coat of arms of the town depicted Hercules as being the defender of the region.

The figure of Hercules went through a metamorphosis over time and eventually became a knight riding upon horseback. The hill upon which the Palo del Colle sits is the only elevated plain on an otherwise flat territory. The hillock offers a beautiful view of the ocean and a vast expanse of land. This unique location of the town makes it an ideal site for military defense. It was because of this very location that it became the center of the ancient Greek Colony.

The Romans were the first to classify Palo del Colle as a municipality. The strategic location made it too difficult to conquer because of which it was given an independent administration and legislative powers.

The hill was believed to be a secret piece of land, because according to legend Hercules had won a historic battle in the region. The Greek Palaion used for the territory actually translates as “Victor in the fight”. The inhabitants of the region were known as Palionnenses. Later on this title was transformed into the Latin word Palium and then later on into the Italian language as Palo.

Historians suggest different meanings for the word Palo. Some believe it to suggest Palisade, whereas others thought it to be a walled fort.  Over the course of history Palo del Colle has remained an undefeated town because of its strategic location and the courage and war ethics of its inhabitants.

The town has an ancient invitation cum warning motto which is still used today. It translates as “Hercules rules here, providing peace to the peaceful and war to those seeking a fight.”

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