Pasta Dishes from Milan Italy

Want to learn more about pasta dishes from Milan, Italy? Read on for facts and info on the most popularly consumed pasta dishes in Milan…

There is perhaps no other city of Italy that is better known for its love of pasta based dishes as well as the love of pasta than Milan. The kind of pasta dishes consumed in Milan is distinctively different from those commonly consumed in the capital city of Rome.

The Milanese have a more classical approach when it comes to preparing pasta dishes. Risottos and meat based pasta dishes on butter are preferred to the hearty and heavily oily pasta dishes of Rome.

The cuisine of Milan is referred to as the Golden cuisine. This is because they make use of a variety of ingredients that have been a prominent part of the region. This includes parmesan, saffron, cornmeal, orange squash and courgette blossoms. The pasta dishes almost always come out with a cheerful sunny color which is characteristic of Milanese food.

It is important to understand that every region of Italy has its own unique way of cooking and its own version of the same recipes. With regards to Milan, the influence of industrial boom workers seems to be quite obvious in their culinary preferences. Furthermore the influence of Sicily and Tuscany can also be seen fused into Milanese cuisine.
Without a doubt the most heavily consumed pasta dish in Milan is the classical risotto. The people of Milan are fond of making meat based risotto. Pasta is regularly consumed in Milan. The favorite combination with pasta is cheese and meat. Both baked and stuffed pasta is popular in this region of Italy. Cheese is almost always a must for any Milanese recipe because the people of this region have a profound love for cheese. Similarly meat is also regularly consumed along with pasta.

The Milanese love for pasta can be seen in the fact that it is used to prepare a variety of different dessert recipes as well. The most popular of these is the classical Christmas cake known as the Panettone. This dessert item features raisins, citron and anise. Torta di Tagliatelle is another popular pasta based sweet cake that originates from Milan. This typical dessert is made up of pasta and almonds.

Over the years Milan style pasta has become popular all over the world. Many restaurants seek to copy Milanese recipes in order to serve pasta dishes from Italy that are different from the conventionally consumed hearty pasta dishes of Rome. The pasta Milano for example is one of the best copycat recipes that takes its inspiration from the Romano’s macaroni grill pasta Milano.  It consists of a rich combination of pasta and a unique traditional pasta sauce which makes it a great recipe to prepare at home. It is also widely served in restaurants.

Some of the most unique pasta dishes that you will be able to find in Milan are those made with fish. This is a rarity that you would not find in many other places of Italy. Other than that the most commonly used meats include mutton and beef.

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