Seven Mile Beach Jamaica

Seven mile beach is the longest stretch of continuous powdery sand beach in Jamaica. To learn more about hotel accommodation and water sports at one of Jamaica’s best beaches read our guide for more facts & information…

Located at the resort town of Negril, it is slightly less accessible than Montego Bay. There is a paved two lane road leading from Montego Bay to Negril and Negril has its own small airport. The beach first became popular in the mid 1950s, but since access to the area was by ferry and passengers had to wade ashore, most of the development of the area did not take place until the 1960s and 1970s.

Negril Marine Park

Since 1998 the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society officially declared the Negril Marine Park as a protected reef area. This was due to the erosion and degradation of coral reefs throughout Jamaica. Since then the protected reefs have flourished making Seven Mile Beach a great area for scuba diving and snorkeling. The variety and beauty of the sea life on the Jamaican coast makes underwater activities at Negril a great way to spend a day. The black cliffs thought to be responsible for the town’s name (Negril means black in Spanish) are visible to the south of the beach.

Wild Life Tours

On the inland or eastern side of Negril is the Great Morass, a wetlands through which the Negril River runs. Part of the Great Morass is dedicated to the Royal Palm Reserve, a protected area or wetlands and forest. Tours of the area are available and provide a wonderful look at the enormous variety of plant and animal life on the island. From Seven Mile Beach to the Great Morass, Negril is surrounded by opportunities to explore and enjoy Jamaica’s incredible natural beauty. In fact, the Great Morass gives the best opportunity for a glimpse of one of the island’s most endangered species, the Jamaican crocodile.

Resorts and Hotels on Seven Mile Beach

There are seven resort hotels in Negril which offer access to the Seven Mile Beach. Most of the resorts have all inclusive packages that include meals, spa treatments and various activities. Tours of the Great Morass usually have to be booked separately, but scuba and snorkeling are included in most packages. Some of the hotels cater exclusively to couples making them a great choice for honeymooners looking for a tropical getaway and many have direct access from hotel rooms to the beach allowing for greater privacy.

Seven Mile Beach and Negril, Jamaica are located on the western side of the island and boast spectacular sunsets. There are few places in the world that offer the romantic atmosphere and great access to natural beauty that is found here. Vacationers planning a visit to the tropics should put Seven Mile Beach high on the list of locations for relaxation and fun.

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