Japanese Herbal Medicine

Looking for herb based medicine from Japan? Discover the benefits of Japanese herbal medicines and what makes them the better alternative.

The Japanese medical sciences of herbal medicines were actually borrowed from their neighbouring country China. Over the years however the Japanese mastered the art and made some modifications regarding the regulation and combination of herbs.

With years of practice and experimenting Japanese herbal medicine became a standardized science. In this way it became distinct from traditional Chinese medicine although there are strong similarities between the two.

There is no doubt regarding the effectiveness of Japanese herbal medicines especially today when they can be tested in the light of modern medical science. The ironic thing is that these medicines worked even when there was no way of testing them other than experimenting with them on real live situations.

Today however we need not play the guinea pig. The traditional Japanese herbal medicines that have worked for the Japanese people since ages is now scientifically proven to be effective. Furthermore the Japanese have themselves mastered modern medical sciences and have combined today’s knowledge of medicine with their ancient traditions to come up with something even more solid.

The combination of modern medical science with ancient Japanese medicine has helped to attest their effectiveness and safety. Changes and modifications have been made where necessary. The mixture of the two sciences has helped to remove the flaws and keep the good points. In fact modern medical science has only added to the effectiveness of Japanese herbal medicine.

There has been little change with regards to the selection of herbs that have traditionally been used in Japanese herbal medicine. The change has come in the administration and regulation of the herbs with regards to the disease in question. As a result the Japanese herbal medicines produced today are likely to be even more effective than they ever have been in history.

It is however important to understand that the effectiveness of Japanese herbal medicine has not increased because of the inclusion of chemicals. They are still pretty much chemical free. It is just that modern medical equipment has made it possible to optimize on the use of natural herbs to get the best out of them and further minimize the chances of developing any side effects.

As it is herbal remedies are preferred due to the belief that they do not have side effects. This is a quality that modern Japanese herbal medicine retains. Hence for those individuals who want to avoid chemical medicines the Japanese herbal medicines offer the perfect alternative.

So what kind of diseases does Japanese herbal medicine cater to? With a history of 4000 years one can only imagine the range of diseases that Japanese herbal medicines must have been used for. Today you will find a Japanese herbal alternative to almost any chemical medicine that you require. Japanese herbal medicines have stepped up and proven to be effective even in some cases where modern chemical medication has failed.

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