Japanese Cherry Blossom Art

Discover the facts & information about the cherry blossom phenomenon that is part of the Japanese culture.
Japanese Cherry Blossom Art

The Japanese are very proud of their cultural heritage. After all the country has centuries of history behind what makes its culture. There are many aspects of the Japanese culture that have been maintained by the locals for centuries and are today being exposed to the rest of the world to marvel at.

Amongst the things deeply embedded in Japanese culture is the Japanese cherry blossom. Although this is just a tree you may assume but it carries great significance for the Japanese especially with regards to the innate meaning and symbolism they attach with it.

Cherry blossoms are found in many other places around the word. In Japan however the cherry blossom stands for something much more than a tree. Known as sakura in local lingo the cherry blossom is actually taken as a metaphor for life by the Japanese.

The brief and brilliant blooming period that is followed up by the eventual and inevitable fall is taken as a direct reflection of how human life on planet earth is.

For the west this realization comes during the fall season. In Japan the people are reminded of the true nature of life during the spring season when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom and make their way to brilliance and then down to the ground.

Cherry Blossom Activities

Over the course of years the Japanese have become deeply attached to the cherry blossom phenomenon. The tree and its nature are not just appreciated in thought rather it is celebrated and commemorated in action. The blooming event of the cherry blossom is an unofficial national celebration time period.

It seems as though the entire nation is united regarding the cherry blossom and its connection with the people. The blooming season brings around a festive mood that revolves around the particular breed of tree.

Cherry Blossom Types

Many people are of the notion that the cherry blossom is just one kind of tree. The truth is quite the contrary as there is a wide variety of cherry blossom trees that exist in Japan. They differ in terms of their sizes and structures and host a range of beautiful colours. The variety of cherry trees can be seen in the many cherry blossom parks that are spread all over the country.

The cherry tree is very popular in Japan. You will not find a single home, park or school without at least one cherry tree in it. The cherry blossom has been celebrated in many different ways over the course of years. The tree has abundantly been used as a symbol in Japanese paintings and other forms of art such as songs, movies and poems.

Hence we find that the cherry blossom is a very potent symbol with its roots deeply embedded in ancient Japanese culture which has been transitioning with time up till today.

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