Japanese Art Truck

Interested in those highly decorated and customized trucks from Japan? Enlighten your self with the insight into the colorful trend of Japanese art truck.

There is probably no nation that has explored a more diverse range of mediums for the purpose of artistic expression than Japan. From canvas paintings to graffiti art and sliding doors to hand held fans the Japanese have scribbled and painted on anything that they could find. Amongst the unique mediums through which Japanese artists have sought to express themselves is truck art.

Truck art is not something unusual in Asian culture. In fact there are a number of countries known for decorating their trucks and buses. This concept is quite alien to the west. Whereas in the west you will find large vehicles like trucks and buses to be hosting an ad for a product in Japan and other Asian countries it is all about aesthetically enhancing the appearance of the trucks.

The roots of this form of art are uncertain but one can definitely see that it has evolved over a period of time. In the good old days truck art was done for the purpose of identification in some cases. In other cases the truck art had a religious meaning. The superstitious beliefs of the Japanese people led them to paint their trucks with images of things that would be used to ward off evil.

The painting of graphics is not the only thing that was used to enhance the appearance of trucks at those times. The truck artists would make use of other items like dangling chains and charms that would not only enhance the physical appearance but would even add a chiming sound when the truck would be on the move.
With time however truck art has evolved into an ultra modern form of art. Modern truck art is loud and makes the truck hard to miss even from a mile. Such loudly decorated trucks are known as Dekotora in Japan. There are many different elements that make the Dekotora truck one of its kind.

The sides of the truck usually feature interesting and extravagant graphics. The paint job on these trucks is nothing less than spectacular. After all the Japanese now have all the modern tools that enables them to work on this huge canvas. The creative graphics are then further enhanced by the use of ultraviolet and neon lights that are stuck on the exterior of these trucks. The lights are composed in a manner so as to enhance the graphics on the trucks and make them visible from quite a distance.

Perhaps the most significant development in truck art has been the wide range of modern exterior parts that the truck artists make use of in order to bring their trucks to life. You will find all sorts of exterior parts in shiny silver and gold that seek to soup up the trucks. The decorative attachments are also available for the interior of the trucks.

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