Japanese Cherry Blossom Flower

Find out why people are so touched by the Japanese cherry blossom flower that they could just sit and watch them for hours.

The cherry blossom flower is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Originating from the land of the rising sun and its neighbouring countries such as China and Korea the cherry blossom flower brings about a vivid display of colour during the blooming season.

You will find the streets, schools and parks of Japan burst out in to colour as spring arrives during the first week of April. The symbolic Japanese Cherry blossom tree stands at its prime during the spring season as its purple flowers create a unique ambiance that has given birth to many traditions in Japan.

The cherry blossom flower is held in high esteem in Japan. In fact there is a very formal flower watching activity that takes place in Japan during the blooming season. Fans of the flower sit and marvel at the wonders of nature as they gaze upon the dramatic blooming of the cherry blossom flower along with which they relish in the sweet aroma generated from the amazing flowers.

The popularity of the Japanese cherry blossom flowers has continued to grow with time. Each year the flowering season is celebrated with special festivals held across the country. A large number of tourists come to participate in these festivals that are celebrated in honor of the awe inspiring cherry blossom flower. The months of March and April are the cherry blossom festival seasons in Japan.

Variety of Cherry Blossom Flowers

The cherry blossom flower can be rightfully termed as the unofficial national flower of Japan. There is a considerable amount of variety in the cherry blossom family within Japan. Amongst the many different varieties there is perhaps none that stands in comparison with Yoshino which happens to be the country’s favorite cherry blossom.

The flower that sprouts out from the Yoshino is the reason why this specimen is adored by the masses. The flowers are tinged with a very pale pink towards the step but on the surface are almost pure white.

As pretty as the Japanese cherry blossom flowers are they are petite. They have a very short lived life cycle and fall to the ground within a week’s time from the full bloom. From a distance the entire tree seems to be one white big mass when the flowers have come into their full.

There are a number of other cherry blossom varieties that can be seen around the country. The yaezakura, yamazakura and the shidarezakura are amongst the most popular ones that sport thick and rich pink flowers.

The version known as the weeping Cherry bears likeliness to the weeping willow. This specimen sprouts a cascade of pretty pink flowers that are a joy to watch and smell.

Generally the flowering becomes very intense during the first week of April and this is taken as a sign of welcoming the spring season. Starting out as nodes on short spurs, the flowers have passed their prime by the end of May.

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