Japanese Garden Fountains

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Creating a Japanese inspired garden involves the use of many ornaments to make it look more alive and natural. One of the best ornaments to be used are Japanese garden fountains. Fountains allow people to be relaxed by watching the beauty of waters going up and down its hallow tubes and forming a small lagoon at its base. Whether big or small, a nice fountain could bring people a feeling of calmness and peace just by looking at it.

Beauty of Japanese Fountains

Japanese garden fountains are often simple with earth colours that offer serenity amidst the noisy street outside your garden. Its simple yet elegant design make it a very effective and appropriate ornament in any traditional or modern Japanese garden you plan to create. These fountains are so popular that even without too much other decor around, they can still make the garden Japanese looking. Sizes vary from the size of a table centerpiece to a fountain with a small pond around it.

Before buying a fountain, it is important to first observe the shapes and colors surrounding the place where you intend to put it up. Make sure that the landscape is not too intense that it would shadow the beauty of the fountain. Be creative to mix stones of different types and shapes to decorate the place. It would also be nice if there is a nearby bench for people to sit, watch and listen to the waters of the fountain, which could be very relaxing and soothing.

Fountain Requirements

Fountains are simple as they only require a pump for the water to circulate through. Some fountains already have a pump with them when you purchase it, but some models have pumps sold separately. There are also fountains with rain chains, which utilize the rain and gravity to make the fountain work without using a pump.

Granite Fountains

Granite, bamboo and copper are some of the popular sources of crafted fountains. Granite or stone Japanese fountains require a little amount of care like cleaning and maintenance. However, granite fountains should be cleaned a few times in a year to prevent molds from growing around and inside its granite walls. Bamboo fountains are strong and resilient ones too. The only drawback is being wood, they require more cleaning and maintenance for it to avoid molds growing on the bark. There are also fiberglass replica fountains, which are lighter in weight and provide easy transfer of location wherever you feel like doing so.

Though Japanese garden fountains are simple and basic at the outside, it could bring joy and happiness to people who appreciate its beauty as it adds to the beauty of your simple garden.

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