Japanese Mens Hairstyles

Looking for hairstyles from Japan? Find out about the diverse range of options that exist when it comes to Japanese men hairstyles.

The general understanding regarding men’s hairstyles is that they tend to be far less complicated as compared to women’s hairstyling. Although this statement does bear truth in recent years some men have gone to extremes when it comes to hairstyling.

The library of Japanese men hairstyles has an interesting variety of haircuts ranging from the simplest to the most bizarre hairstyles that you have ever seen. Generally most men tend to have short hair. It gives them a nice clean look and they find it much easier to manage than long and styled hair.

When it comes to men hairstyles the Japanese hairstylists have a lot to offer for the guys. There are a number of things that a man needs to take into consideration when going for a particular hairstyle. The age and personal style, colour and texture of the hair are some of the things that can determine what kind of hairstyle would suite you.

With regards to men’s hair in general the major problem is that of hair loss. Most men face this problem with age and it can become quite an emotional affair for some of them. The collection of Japanese men hairstyles has some very creative haircuts for balding men that can create the illusion of thicker hair and give more volume to less hair.

The history of Japanese men hairstyles goes back to more than 4500 years when Japan was first settled. Each era had its own culture and that culture gave birth to a style that was prevailing during those times. The different periods had different influences such as sumo wrestling, ninja, geisha and samurai.

Sumo Hairstyles

Each of these eras had hairstyles for men that were characteristics of the tradition of those times. Take for example the sumo wrestlers who had a tradition to grow their hair long. Their long hair would however be tied up in a bun at the back of their head when in action. This was the fashion for those involved in the sport during those times.

Similarly ninjas had their own influences and so did the samurais. Modern times have however added more diversity to the collection of Japanese hairstyles for men. The influence of western rock and roll culture has brought about a cultural revolution in Japan.

This has resulted in a collection of rockabilly hairstyles that are worn by guys that are into the rock and pop culture. Identified from a mile the rockabilly hairdos are aimed at making you stand out from the crowd in literal terms. The spiked up hair often extends up to six inches off the head and is super gelled to stay in place.

The rockabilly hairstyle has a cult following. Individuals with the same thinking are often gathered around Yoyogi Park on Sundays where they participate in dance competitions and at the Harajjuku station as well which is the centre of street fashion.

Hence we find that the collection of Japanese men hairstyles is extremely diverse ranging from the smartest of hair cuts to the most outlandish ones. The choice rests upon the shoulders of the man.

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