Japanese Turtle Tattoos

Want a turtle tattoo from Japan? Uncover the truth about the cute designs of Japanese turtle tattoos.

Although there is much legendary symbolism associated with the turtle tattoo in general the image of the turtle seems to epitomize shelter, protection and comfort. This is one of the reasons that has led to the popularity of turtle tattoo designs amongst both sexes. Even the tattoo artists love to work on the geometric patterns found on a turtles shell.

Turtle tattoo designs date way back in history but today they are considered amongst the most popular designs surfacing in the market. The innate and diverse symbolism associated with the image of a turtle is what seeks to attract the masses. Trustworthiness, reliability, courage and protection are some of the predominant character traits of the turtle. In its essence the symbol of the turtle is a noble and strong symbol. According to Japanese culture the turtle is known to possess a spirit of healing and profound inner knowledge.

Turtle tattoos are equally loved by tattoo artists due to the design aspects that the image of the creature has to offer. The back of a turtle is naturally embedded with some of the most amazing graphics work. The tattoo artists get a chance to freely develop the structure of the back and fill it in with hexagonal patterns that create an overall awe inspiring visual.

Turtle Tattoo Symbolism

The overriding symbolism that is predominantly perceived in Japan regarding the turtle is that of protection. The shell of the turtle is also used for its healing properties in Japan. You will be able to find turtle statues in homes where they are kept as a means of warding of bad luck and bringing good fortune to the owner of the house. According to Japanese tradition the turtle tattoo is not just about its looks rather it bestows the wearer with certain magical powers that it is believed to have.

Turtle tattoo designs come in a great deal of variations with regards to the actual design as well as the use of the color. The tattoo artists have freely incorporated a wide range of colors into the turtle back in tattoo designs. The most popular places where people have had the image of a turtle tattooed is on the ankles, the lower arms and the back of shoulder.

There is a plethora of turtle tattoo design variations in the Japanese library of tattoo designs. Tattoo enthusiasts are often eager to add in a personal touch in order to make the tattoo truly unique. For this purpose they often work in amalgamation with the tattoo artists in order to come up with something interesting.

Although the turtle tattoos have been a popular part of the Japanese culture since ancient times today they enjoy worldwide success. People from many different nations especially the west have taken to the art of tattooing as a means of making a fashion statement. Turtle tattoos with their symbolism of cautiousness and wisdom are highly regarded in modern trends.

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