Easylink Money Transfer Nepal

The Easylink Nepal Money Transfer Service is a great way for transferring money quickly and securely.

Securing a cost effective money transfer provider in Nepal is essential if you wish to transfer money to individuals living or travelling in Nepal.

You may ask yourself, why transfer money via a money transfer service in Nepal as opposed to transferring money online via your bank?  The answer is simple, many people in Nepal do not have bank accounts and hence, it would be impossible for them to receive your money using this method. As a foreigner living or travelling in Nepal, it may also be necessary for you to transfer your money back to your home location as again, banking facilities may not allow you to do otherwise.

There are a number of money transfer agencies in Nepal, but Easylink is one of the most well known agents; providing one of the most cost effective routes  to transferring your money.
Why use the Easylink Nepal Money Transfer service?
 The Easylink Nepal Money Transfer service is a service which can be trusted.  Not only is it government registered to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, but The Easylink Nepal Money Transfer service was also the first ever money transfer service to become registered with the Government
 The Easylink Nepal Money Transfer service is also an official agent of MoneyGram Payment Systems.  For those who have an appreciation or knowledge of international money transfer providers, MoneyGram is recognised as a market leader; offering lower rates and also peace of mind of a large company backing
 The Easylink Nepal Money Transfer service enables customers to wire money to over 150 different countries
 The Easylink Nepal Money Transfer service allows the receipient of the money to be paid in local currency

For security reasons, if you are working in Nepal for a defined or limited period and unable to establish a bank account whilst there, then it is important that you consider transferring your money either via The Easylink Nepal Money Transfer service as mentioned above, or, another provider.   In Nepal – as with any other country, it is not advisable to keep significant amounts in a non secure environment.
If you are looking for alternative providers, then the Asylum Nepal Money Transfer Service is certainly a good alternative – again, providing low rates and piece of mind in respect to a larger company backing.

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