South Indian Blouse

Do you know why south Indian girls look very sexy and attractive? If you clearly watch the style and dress patterns, you will absolutely come to know the exquisite attraction of the South Indian Blouses. The various designs and the crafts of the Indi

South Indian blouses are of special attraction in the makeup of any women. The feminine look and the comfort of wearing you get by using the south Indian blouse is spectacular. Saree, or Sari- a 5 meters or longer cloth worn on the lower part of the body, with blouse is the perfect combination in an Indian style dress. The blouse is an attractive piece of dress worn on the upper part of the body covering the breast and is made specially to have comfort according to the body shape and size.

The styles of the Indian blouses, called as cholies in North India, depend purely on Individual taste and societal implications. The blouses can be stitched as long or short sleeves as well as sleeveless. The length of the body of the blouse also varies as per the individual taste and body structure. Some blouses are made very short and some others are made lengthy up to waist. There are many other verities in South Indian blouses which come without neck pieces or with different styles of necks. Back patterns can also be varied. Cotton fabrics or poly-cotton (mix of polyester and cotton) are primarily used for making south Indian blouses. Silk blouses are also used exquisitely by women looking for special attraction. There are blouses with front open and back open options.

Mostly front portions of the blouses are covered by the saree with the back opening visible. South Indian blouses are made with attractive styles and designs in the back part of the dress. The opening can be either hooked with buttons or zipped. Skirts (Pavada) and blouses are the other types of dress combinations used by girls and women.

Presently the use of south Indian blouses has spread all over the globe. It receives more attention in the modern fashion world. Nowadays more and more women are becoming fashion conscious. They focus on the styles and designs of the Indian blouses to suit their taste and appealing appearance. More and more variations in blouses are being introduced. Women go for matching blouses for sarees and other materials worn in the lower part. Would you like to be in the attractive stage of fashion? Do you want to be in the centre of attraction in a group? The only and easiest option is to wear a colorful and stylish south Indian blouse.

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