The Flag of Nepal

Want to know more about the flag of Nepal? The following article has some interesting facts!

Do you want to know more about the flag of Nepal? The following article will help to give you some interesting information relating to this irregularly shaped flag.

Nepal is the only country which has a non-rectangular flag.  Historically, other countries also had non-rectangular flags, but Nepal is the only surviving example.

Although the majority of other countries have rectangular flags, it is worth mentioning that these are not of standard sizes and that sizes differ.  As with Nepal, Switzerland and the Vatican also have irregular shaped flags, in that they are square.

The flag in Nepal is divided into two overlapping triangular pennants – one featuring a white 12 point sun and the other segment featuring a white moon.   Prior to 1962, when the flag of Nepal was updated by the newly formed Government, the sun and the moon both held faces but these were removed.  The two pennants were previously representative of two branches of the Rana dynasty who held power in Nepal prior to the introduction of a multiparty constitutional government. Both pennants have been in use for the last two centuries.

Although the two pennants would have had different meanings prior to them being joined together on the Nepal flag, they are now taken to symbolise the hope that Nepal will endure for as long as the sun and the moon.

The border of the flag in Nepal is blue and this colour was chosen to represent peace within the country.  The red background of the flag represents the colour of the rhododendron.  The rhododendron is Nepal’s national flower.

The flag was officially adopted by Nepal on 16th December 1962.  In the 17th to the 19th century, Nepal was typical of many countries in the Indian subcontinent in that state flags were in place.  Due to extensive numbers of flags therefore, many (including that of Nepal) were of interesting designs, colours and shapes.

Due to the current governmental instability in Nepal it will be interesting to see whether or not the flag design remains.  In the meantime however, the people of Nepal are patriotic towards their flag and due to its interesting and unusual features, it’s certainly not one which people would have difficulty recognising or recalling!

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