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Travelling with children and babies in Nepal can be a great adventure, not only for the kids, but for the parents also!

It is now becoming more popular in Nepal to travel with children. Travelling with children in Nepal however used to be unheard of with the assumption being that children would somehow hinder the travelling experience.  Thankfully this is now viewed far less as an issue and children are slowly becoming a part of the Nepal travelling adventure.

Clearly however, there are things which should be considered when travelling with children in Nepal:

– If you are trekking with children in Nepal, then it is advisable to ensure that you have completed treks nearer to home and that your children are familiar with the requirements of trekking. It is also worthwhile using such opportunities to assess their fitness and ability to keep up with itineries.

– The majority of individuals who have travelled to Nepal with children are likely to advise you not to take infants, who cannot either walk independently, or, be carried in a sling as pavements in Nepal are not suited to pushchairs AT ALL!

– If your child is not nappy trained then it is advisable to bring washable nappies to Nepal with you as waste is a significant issue in Nepal and clearly disposable nappies can only add to that problem.  Coupled with this, if you travel to Nepal with nappy dependant children, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to buy any disposable nappies.

Healthcare facilities are extremely limited in Nepal and consequently it is essential that you take first aid kits and also salt replacement remedies in the event of sickness or other stomach upsets.  Ensure that you only give your child cooked food when travelling around Nepal as this will reduce the likelihood of picking up infections.

– Rabies is an issue in Nepal and it is vital therefore that you do not allow your child to stroke stray dogs or other animals when travelling to Nepal.

– You should counsel your child about the attention that they are likely to receive from locals when travelling to Nepal – their love of children means that Nepalese families pay considerable attention to children who are travelling through.

– Ensure that you take lots of toys / games to entertain your children when travelling to Nepal as they are likely to have long waiting periods throughout the trip – particularly when waiting for food in restaurants.  Do not allow your children however to play with their toys when they are in the company of local children as children in Nepal own simple toys only and it may cause resentment or jealousy if your child pulls out a technical / exciting toy which is not available in Nepal.

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