Pakistani Furniture

Looking for Pakistani furniture pieces to adorn your personal space? Then read our guide for more facts and information…

Pakistani furniture has made a niche in the international market due to their traditional designs and woodwork which include intricate carvings. The artisans, craftsmen and manufacturers alike ensure that the highest standards are met to ensure satisfied international clients.
The wood used for the furniture includes Shesham also known as Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Pine and Teak. The latest trends in the Pakistani furniture industry have led to tradition combined with innovation and style. Designers now have to follow international trends and meet the local demands while meeting competition.

Pakistani handcrafted furniture

Pakistani handcrafted furniture is the most popular amongst the wide variety available. It is made from very high quality wood known as Shesham or Rosewood. They carved pieces made with immense effort of the experienced artisans.

Today the crafted furniture can also be polished in different tones and finishing such as matte, natural or antique which can enhance the look. The recent trend has been towards deco-paint colorfully paints the pieces to better fit the customer’s space. In addition the fabrics can also be selected by the customer or left to the designer to decide.

Traditional Pakistani furniture items

In addition to the standard furniture items such as tables, chairs, sofa sets and complete furniture sets for different rooms, there are some traditional Pakistani furniture items as well.

Divan is similar to a couch or a box spring bed which was first made during the Ottoman Empire. It is a long seat which is laid against the side of a wall and has cushions to lean against.   They became popular in the councils of the Middle East and so paved their way in Pakistan. Divans are available in the traditional Pakistani carved furniture lines and can be customized upon request.

Another traditional furniture piece is the Jhoola or the swing which reflects historic style of the Mughal Empire. The swing has two seats with pillars supporting the beam which hands the seat. The beam is traditionally carved with designs and is made from the best quality of rosewood. The expert artisans have been able to add more opulence and panache to the Jhoola by the exquisite carving on them. The Jhoola adds a look of grandeur and royalty to any space combined with durability and comfort.

You will also find unique wooden products in Pakistan which are stylish yet practical. Items such as jewelry boxes, bookends, trays and dishes have elaborate carving and inlay work as well. Teak is used for the ornamentals while horn and brass are used for inlay work.

Pakistani Modern Furniture

The latest trend in the furniture industry is modern or contemporary furniture which is custom made according to the buyers’ preferences. Someone wishing to buy exclusive modern Pakistani furniture can visit the designer showrooms who offer consultation and advice on which pieces will suit your space and style. The designer has to take into account the spending limit of the buyer and so modern furniture can be considered budget friendly.

Modern furniture is available in many styles, designs, sizes, colors and materials. Due to the wide range of variety and customization, the pieces are more useful and practical. The durability will depend on the quality of the furniture that is delivered.

Pakistani Wooden Furniture

Pakistani wooden furniture is for those who like classic furniture designs. The specialty of wooden furniture is that it is good quality hardwood which will last you for many years. This is why many Pakistani brides are given wooden furniture in their dowry on their marriage.
Pakistani wooden furniture comes in different collections which range from traditional to contemporary. The wooden furniture range includes bedroom, living room, study room and dining room furniture along with accessories which can be bought as individual pieces.

Hardwoods are combined with veneers which along with the best fixtures and finishing make a refine product. The customer also has the choice of choosing the best finish options and line of hardwood which are available colors as well.

Pakistani Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is preferred by those who wish to add an ancient touch to their theme which adds a classic feel to the overall look of the room. Some prefer adding one rustic furniture piece to their room for example a rustic chest of draws, dining table or a book shelf. Others prefer buying complete sets to style their bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens.

The rustic variety is made from pine, cedar, alder and hickory. The most admired piece is the traditional rustic ‘Jhoola’ or swing which brings life to any corner. Rustic furniture is said to have a long life and are considered as timeless pieces and so give you value for your money.
When purchasing furniture the essential criteria to focus on is durability, quality and your personal style. As furniture items are consumer durable goods you will want to survey first to ensure that you are buying from a reputable dealer and are being offered the best price.

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