Pakistani Tourist Destinations

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Pakistan offers a wide array of attractions catering to all interests and preferences. Tourists can visit the cultural sites of Lahore as well as the historical sites such as Mohenjo-Daro which offers a reminiscence of the Indus valley civilization.

The most visited tourist destinations are in the northern areas of Pakistan where the exotic mountain ranges and scenic valleys are situated.  You will find the highest peaks, glaciers, lakes and valleys as well as the agrarian economy which shows the Pakistani lifestyle.

The northern areas of Pakistan attract foreigners due to the mountain ranges although there are ranges in the other parts of the country as well.  Mountain trekkers particularly love the K2 and Nanga Parbat which are above 8000m.

Murree and Galliat

Gali or galliat meaning mountain pass is the area which is the most popular tourist spot for local and foreign tourists. Nature has created the route to the ridges through these passes or galliat.

The Pir Panjal range is considered the most beautiful as the visitors can view the snow capped peaks, refreshing alpine forest as well as other breathtaking views.

Murree is a small town which spreads between the Rawalpindi and Kashmir point. It is 7250 feet above sea level and can be considered as the most popular hill resort. The passes near Murree are easily accessible and extremely cool during summer season which is the time when vacationers visit.

Murree is easily accessible and is an hour’s ride from the capital Islamabad. The tourists from the plain areas of Sindh and Punjab visit Murree as the summers are cool and in the winters they can experience heavy snowfall. Families love the alpine forests where they can go picnicking while young trekkers can take short hiking expeditions of two to three days. Other attractions include wild life, amusement and water parks, lift chair rides and shopping expeditions to Mall Road in the center of Murree.

In addition to being accessible the Galliat area also offers accommodation which include hotels, lodges and guest houses that can be booked based on your budget.

Kaghan Valley

The Kaghan valley is 92 mile long covered with lush alpine forest cover which terraces from the river to hilltop. While travelling through the valley you can see the River Kunhar and the towns of Naran, Kaghan and Shogran.

Lake Saif ul Maluk is known as the must visit place in the Kaghan Valley at a height of 3200m. The lake was named after a local fairytale prince who fell in love with a maiden bathing in the lake. The peak of Malka Parbat reflects in the water of the lake which adds to the beauty of the lake.

Tourists particularly love visiting the Kaghan valley as it offers scenic views as well the opportunity to go trekking, on a jeep safari and white water rafting in the River Kunhar. For those with an interest in archeology they can visit the Ganhara Buddhist which dates to 500 BC to 500 AD.

Swat Valley

Swat valley is considered as the most beautiful valley in Pakistan which is often referred to as the Switzerland of Pakistan. It is surrounded by the Hindukush and Himalayas ranges which bring together rivers, glaciers, gushing streams and fruit orchids in one place. A military operation conducted in Swat closed the area for a few years which has now reopened to the tourists as the situation is back to normal.

Those visiting the Swat Valley can get a feel of the culture of Mingora which is located at the bank of River Swat and is known for the delicious trout fish produce. Malamjaba is a popular hill station of the valley which has now become a ski resort. Experience trekkers visit Falakser which is the highest peak at a height of 20500 feet. The routes can also take you from the valley to Gilgit and Chitral.

Muzaffarabad and Jhelum

Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir and is the meeting point of River Jhelum and Neelum. It is a regular town like any other hilly city however the majestic mountains that surround the city make it a tourist’s paradise. Tourists can visit the Red Fort which is surrounded by the River Neelum from three sides as well as the historic Sultan Muzafar Khan which was built to guard the city in 1646.

Other attractions include the Chikar Lake which was born after the earthquake that struck the areas in 2005 and the Pir Chinasi offers you a panoramic view of the River Jhelum and Neelum valley as it is located at a height of 2900m. For those who wish to buy the famous Kashmiri shawls and walnut carvings can do so in Muzaffarabad.

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is considered is the one stop destination as it has lush greenery, picturesque views, trekking and water sports opportunities. It runs parallel to Kaghan valley and extends to 240 km. Shardi and Nardi Mountains known for their beauty are also located in a village in the valley.

The main attractions include the Patike where you take short walks in alpine atmosphere, the artistic wooden homes, the Sharda valley at a height of 1981m and the historical ruins of a Buddhist fort and monastery.

Now that you know all the popular Pakistani tourist destinations it is time to avail the tourist packages on offer and head onto an expedition like never before!

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