Kaffe Fasset Suede Peruvian Connection

The fine fashion establishment, Peruvian Connection celebrates its thirty fifth year in 2011, having been founded in 1976. It is also the tenth year of designer Kaffe Fasset’s association with them. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Kaffe Fasset had attempted to become associated with the Peruvian Connection for quite a long while without success. Even though he was a well known designer of classical knit items, he just seemed to be unable to connect. All that changed when a friend of his went to work for the company and introduced Fasset to the CEO. This is a decision that neither regrets, with Fasset turning out innovative ideas each year.

Early Association

Fasset, although being known for his intense and complicated knit designs, did not start off at the Peruvian Connection in that way. He figured that if the company was going to hand knit designs so that they could be done faster; he would give them more simple designs. It seems that each year, he would design more intricate patterns and as he did, the workers were able to keep up and compliment the designs.

How Kaffe Designs Originate

Each year Kaffe gets numerous balls of yarn in all colors that the company will carry that year. Admittedly, he has a backlog of designs, and when the yarn comes, he separates them by colors and then sits and ponders what will look the best in combinations and designs. He then actually knits swatches of the colors and designs he thinks will work best and sends them back to the company. These are then incorporated in hand woven designs in sweaters, vests and jackets. Recently micro suede has been used for some of Fasset’s productions. This micro suede is especially popular for pillows used on sofas.

Even though suede has recently come into use, you will still find the Fasset designs predominantly on his favorite fabrics, wool, cotton and silk. Anyone who is familiar with fashion can tell his unique design. They are all hand woven and as a result are somewhat pricey, but well worth the money. You would be hard put to find a good copy of any of his work as the products are so intricate and bright.

How to Purchase Kaffe Fasset Designs

If you are interested in purchasing something from the Kaffe Fassett designs carried by the Peruvian Connection, the best place is to go to the source. Visit the Peruvian Connection site on the internet. There you will find the woven article of your desire, be it sweaters, vests, jackets or even blankets. All of the material that Kaffe works with will be on display there, and after purchasing one of his products you will be so pleased that you will want to purchase more.

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