Sirianni in Italy

Want to learn more about Sirianni in Italy? Read on for facts and info on this historical family of Italy…

The Sirianni family is one of the most prominent families of Italy. They have been living in Italy for many centuries and now have a prominent presence in the United States. The family is divided into many different branches that all stem from the same Italian lineage.

The prominent surname of Sirianni is regarded as being habitational in nature. This means that the family acquired the name on the basis of the place where they used to reside. It is most commonly believed that the Sirianni family originated from the town of Seregno which is located in the province of Milan, Lombardy in Italy.

It is definitely worth noting that this surname is spelled in a variety of different ways, which often tends to confuse people. The different spellings are not the same as the different branches that stem out of the core ancestral family. Rather they are just variations in the way the Italian surname in written in the English language. Some of the variations include Serigano, Siriani,  Sergni, Seregno, Sereno, Serenari and Sergnano, although there are many more.

The family was first found in the region of Lombardy which was a territory in an industrialized division situated in the south of the Alps. It functioned as the chief city of the region. This was followed up by other important cities such as Mortera, Mantua and Pavia.

The Sirianni family along with the other residents in this locality were involved in silk trading, which was the primary economic activity of the people of the region. Over the years members of this family have traveled all across the world in the form of artists, army officers, landowners and businessmen. Mention of all the people belonging to the Sirianni family can be found in many public records.

However this well traveled surname is believed to be originally from Bergamo. In the ancient times only people of high social status such as the clergy, city officials, podesta and other wealthy or important persons had their names written in the official records. At that point in time it was considered to be quite an honor to have your name written down in the official historical record. In fact this is what separated those of noble ancestry from the common man.

Individuals interested in seeking in-depth information on the Sirianni family of Italy can access the extensive database that is available online. You will also be able to find a variety of different products that have been developed in honor of this historical Italian family. Items available for sale include T-shirts, caps, ceramics, clipart, key chains, mouse pads and many more.

The most popularly used design or emblem to indicate the Sirianni family is the authentic coat of arms that was developed to represent this Italian family. You will also be able to delve into the history of the surname along with its many variations on the Internet.


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