Machu Picchu Vistadome Train

The Machu Picchu Vistadome train features glass on all sides, allowing for picturesque views and photographing opportunities for visitors who traverse the Inca territory, while heading to the Machu Picchu sanctuary. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Machu Picchu is undoubtedly the most amazing of the Incas’ architectural marvels. Surrounded by the Urubamba River, green terraces, Andean glaciers and high peaks, the fabulous landscape and the mystical air of the place combine to render a unique experience to the visitor. A fulfilling travel experience allows one to walk back in time and sense the magic of the sanctuary built amidst tropical mountain forests in an exceptionally beautiful backdrop. Traveling by the Vistadome train offers the best opportunity to experience a captivating gaze of the place.

The Vistadome Train

The coaches of the Vistadome train are covered with glass so that tourists do not miss any view of the landscape during their journey. This feature not only provides panoramic views but also allows them to capture the sensational landscapes on film, and cherish them as long-lasting memories. It provides a unique train ride to Machu Picchu’s Inca ruins, with pleasant servicesincluding entertainment and refreshments that immerse the traveler in the Andean culture. Travelers are also given information material regarding the details of the journey.

Departure Stations

There are two stations for the Vistadome train’s departure to Machu Picchu. One is from the Poray station and the other is from the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo.  The Poray station takes a 20 minute drive from Cusco and the journey from Poray to Machu Picchu is about three hours. The journey from Sacred Valley takes about one-and-a-half hours. The Poray-Machu Picchu route covers a lot of details, whereas the Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu route is faster, forming a practical option with several schedules and rates to choose from. The multiple schedules allow visitors to choose the right itinerary that suits their trip.

Vistadome Services

The Vistadome Class offers a range of services and entertainment that refresh the senses. Traditional Andean dances and music with regional instruments mingle with natural sounds to provide a feast to the ears. Food made from Andean ingredients renders a different experience. While the glass windows connect to the spectacular landscape, comfortable seating, air-conditioning and heating facilities render a pleasant feel. The Expedition Class has four seats facing each other so that travelers can share their experience during the trip, and there are convenient racks above the seats to hold bags.

The Vistadome train journey is perfect for visitors who want to connect with the impressive Peru landscape on their way to Machu Picchu. Perurail provides quality services at reasonable costs to provide a memorable travel experience.

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