Peruvian Herbs

Peruvian herbs have been in use as medicines and healing agents since long before the Inca. There are many herbs from Peru that we are just discovering the healing powers the natives have known for years. Read our guide for more facts and information

The number of Peruvian herbs used for medicines is so long it would be hard to list them and do them justice. The ones mentioned here are just a few, and more are being discovered every day.

One of the most important and useful herbs from Peru is maca. This substance started out being used by the Incas not only as a healing drug but as a food as well. You can get this herb in a powder to be used as a food additive or in capsule form. A daily dosage of 1500 to 2000 mg will help with erectile dysfunction, menopausal cramps and will restore strength, stamina and sex drive.

Sacha Inchi is an herb that has been found to be rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. It is good to reduce high cholesterol and cleanse the arteries of blockage. It may be used in either green tea form or capsules.

Coca leaves is a mood brightener. It reduces stress, stamina and fatigue. It is also an appetite suppressant. It is all natural and is not habit forming. Coca leaves are used as a green tea. Graviola is an herb used as an anti cancer agent. It has the property of being selectively toxic in that it is only toxic to cancer cells while other cells are left alone.

Defensive Herbs

Your body needs to have a strong immune system to fight off all types of viruses. One of the herbs found in Peru will help with this. Camu Camu is a vitamin C super concentrate, and aids in building your immune system and in healing wounds. Another defensive herb is Cats Claw. This herb provides a barrier against flu and natural viruses.

Why Use These Herbs

One reason to use these herbs for the various illnesses or problems is that they are all 100% natural. This means that you do not have to have a prescription. You do not have to worry about serious side effects with these herbs because they are all natural. And some of these herbs may be taken when prescription medicine cannot. Take maca for instance. Some patients do not qualify for erectile dysfunction medicine as they have heart trouble. Maca can still be taken and will help alleviate the problem.

Where to Find These Herbs

Most of these herbs may be purchased in either pill or powder form from health food or vitamin stores. If you cannot find the item you are looking for in this manner, you can always look on the internet, where you will find numerous sites selling these items.

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