Peruvian Lily

Everything that comes from Peru is rich in beauty and culture. Similarly, the Peruvian lily is another object of beauty gifted by Peru to the world. Read on for information on this beautiful South American flower…

The Peruvian lily is also known as the Alstroemeria flower. You can find this flower in some regions of South America, which include Peru, Brazil and Chile. They are bright and vibrant and because of their appeal, many gardeners to have this flower planted in their gardens. This article will give you a few guidelines on how to raise and take care of the Peruvian lily.

These flowers are sensitive to too much moisture so you will need to take extra care of them in the winters. Besides the extra care in winters, these flowers are also very challenging to grow otherwise. You can read further to learn more about how to take care of these flowers and keep them in healthy shape.

Planting a Peruvian lily

You need to be very careful about where you plant the Peruvian lily. It is recommended that you plant the Peruvian lily bulbs during the spring. This allows for the flowers to blossom by the end of the season or by the beginning of the summer season. When you are planting the bulb, try to ensure that they are about 8 inches deep in the soil. If you are planting many Peruvian lilies together, keep each of them at a distance of about 12 inches from the other so that you can avoid overcrowding. Try and choose a shady area for these plants, but make sure that a limited amount of sunlight reaches them as well. These flowers aren’t very fond of high temperatures as well so you need to be particularly careful in summers too.

Care for Peruvian lilies

Because these flowers are sensitive to extreme temperatures and because they need a supple of water that is adequate and consistent, it is necessary that you water these flowers every day. You need to make sure that you do not give it too much water since excess moisture is not good for these plants either. Leaves of this plant dry out before the flowers so you need to keep trimming the leaves and pull out the older ones.

Peruvian lilies in extreme weather conditions

Because these flowers are sensitive to too much of cold, you need to take action to preserve them before the winter season arrives. During the late fall, you must pull out the roots and trim any leaves before it. When pulling out the roots, you must be careful that you don’t damage them. If there is soil clumped around the roots that you pull up, don’t bother cleaning it because this soil is beneficial for your plant.

Storing Peruvian lilies

You can store Peruvian lilies in containers as well, provided that you make sure the conditions compliment its way of growing. Place peat moss and vermiculite in the container that you choose for the plant. Make sure that the temperature in which you store the plant is about 35 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Store them until spring until you can replant them in the ground.

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