Mexican Wedding Food

A Mexican wedding is always a time of great celebration and happiness for the bride, groom and their friends and family. Of course, no wedding reception is complete without delicious food. To learn more about traditional Mexican wedding food read on…

Including traditional food into your wedding ceremony will help to make your family members feel more at home, and can make your special day that much more memorable. Mexican food is well-loved by most people, so most of your guests should be happy – just be sure to add some mild choices so that those who cannot stomach chilli don’t go home hungry!

Buffet Style

For the main course, savoury foods that are made from primarily chicken or beef are served. Traditionally the meat is left to marinade for many hours or even days before it is cooked, in a special marinade that is often the family’s secret, passed down from generation to generation. When the meat is served, seasonings and sauces such as cilantro or lime are added to add flavour and variety. Most commonly at a Mexican wedding, the main course is served in a buffet style, so guests can pick and choose the parts of the meal that they would like. However, some modern Mexican weddings have waiters and waitresses that serve plated food to the guests.

Side Dishes

As side servings, warm tortillas are usually served that are used to wrap up the chicken and beef. Some couples may choose to use tacos as the shell for the meat dish, while others may decide to create an enchilada that is the main, feature dish. If tortillas are not used, then spicy rice may be served as a side, which is flavoured with chilli, peppers, saffron and tomato. Of course, no Mexican meal would be complete without beans, and these are served alongside the meat as a side order, or can be mixed in to the tortilla.

Wedding Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are commonly served at Mexican weddings, either as a dessert or given to the guests as a wedding favour to take home with them. These cookies are made from dough with nuts and spices added to it and powdered in icing sugar.

Wedding Cake

When deciding on a wedding cake, there are a few options from which the wedding couple can choose. Tres Leches cake is often served at weddings – it is a white cake that is made out of three different types of milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk and whole milk. Fruit toppings are made for the Tres Leches cake to add sweetness and flavour. Another option for the cake is Rosca, which is a citrus flavoured cake with a marzipan topping, similar to a Western fruit cake.

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