Peruvian Masks

Just as Peru is rich in culture and tradition, Peruvian masks are a sign of rich Peruvian festivities. Read our guide to the fascinating masks of Peru…

The use of masks in Peruvian culture has always been very popular. It’s actually a tradition to make use of masks in Peru. When you visit Peru, you will see paintings in caves of hunters trying to capture their pray while wearing masks.

Inca masks in Peru

If you ever get a chance to visit Peru, you will see that they have a lot of Inca masks. These designs and kinds of masks have survived the mixing of cultures such as the Spanish culture and the Inca culture. Many Peruvian mask makers are known to follow Inca tradition when they are at work and making masks. Some of these artisans make these masks for the Inca celebrations such as praying to the land, nature and the mountains. These Inca celebrations, despite being old, are still performed by Peruvians who live in the Andes.

The Inca masks that are made in Peru are a collection of many pre Inca cultures such as Paracas, Mochica, Chimu, Sican and Nazca. Even though the use of masks in Peru dates back to the time before the Inca culture existed, these Inca masks are a part of the Peruvian mask culture in the country.

Artisans are dedicated to making different kinds of Peruvian masks. They come in so many different styles and designs and are completely unique. They are works of great intricacy and each mask has a lot of effort put into it before it is ready to be sold and worn.

These masks are made out of different materials. Some masks are made out of clay, leather, wood, metal etc. the face of these masks are sometime decorative, while some masks are depictions of the Spaniards, demons, angels and the natives.

How Peruvians use their masks

Peruvian people use the masks for different kinds of celebrations. These masks are very commonly seen at processions or celebrations and even in the holy week. These celebrations are mostly dances and the dancers put on these Peruvian masks while performing. When you visit the Peruvian markets during the festival of Virgin de le Candelaria, you will find thousands and thousands of masks on sale. These masks are all unique pieces of work and are all different from one another.

Besides using these masks for celebration and in their traditional ceremonies, the Peruvian masks are good gifts for people to take away for their friends and family if they ever visit Peru. Even if you don’t visit Peru, you can shop for these Peruvian masks online as well. In fact, you can always visit traditional stores near you and you might just find a Peruvian mask that you will like to get your hands on.

Almost everyone likes cultural items, and Peru is known for its masks, besides its food and traditions. So if you’re out exploring Peru and its culture always look at the masks. You never know one of these pieces of work might just end up hanging on your wall and make a terrific decoration piece in your home!

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