Breckenridge Ice Climbing

Participating in Breckenridge ice climbing is a potentially rewarding and dangerous sport. Most climbing in the area is done at indoor or private outdoor spots geared for this purpose. Continue reading for more facts about Breckenridge ice climbing…

Safety Courses

You cannot safely just get on a mountain and start trying to climb ice. You need to take a private or group beginner’s course. Beginner’s courses cover basics such as required attire, use of equipment such as ice tools, crampons, helmets and harnesses. Your guide will also teach you basic mountaineering skills and verbal commands that protect you as well as your fellow hobbyists. Most beginner’s courses include a supervised climb at lower heights.

Indoor Climbing Options

You must use ice tools properly to avoid damaging the ice and increasing your risk of falls. Some people would rather go indoors to a Breckenridge ice climbing wall such as IceHoldz. The rules for indoor climbs are a bit different. You cannot wear crampons but must wear rock climbing boots. Your ice tools must have a leash and a tennis ball attached.

Rock Climbing

Whether you are adventuring indoors or outside, you can usually go traditional rock climbing right nearby. Rock climbing requires helmets and special boots, but usually does not require the same number of tools used in ice climbing. Safety and physical fitness are a major key here to avoid health problems or falls. Also, ice and rock climbing are not suitable activities for young children.

BreckConnect Transportation

You can reach many destinations using BreckConnect buses, chair lifts, or gondolas. Some ice and rock climbing tour operators also offer private transportation as well as gourmet lunches. The buses, chair lifts and gondolas can take you to more adventures at Breckenridge Fun Park. The park has a rock pile climbing wall along with pony rides, a trampoline that bounces you as high as 20 feet into the air, and mountain biking.

Breckenridge Fun Park also has an Alpine Super Slide with three different 2,600 foot long tracks. You operate a small ride car around the track at your own speed. Children over the age of 7 can operate their own ride if they wish to do so. The Gold Runner Coaster is similar but with more hairpin turns around its 2,500 foot elevated roller coaster track. This ride is not suitable for children to operate. However, the cars will hold one driver and one passenger.

City Parking

Breckenridge offers 4 x 4 safari-style tours as well as guided hikes. Definitely combine your ice climbing with a trip to one or more of the other recreational activities this mountain resort has to offer. Parking throughout most of the town is free, though some lots may cost up to $15 during peak tourist seasons.

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