Travelling To Machu Picchu By Train

Machu Picchu, often referred to as the “The Lost City of the Incas”, is the most famous and spectacular sets of ruins in the world, located 2,430 mt high in Andes of Peru. Read our guide for more facts and information …

Machu Picchu can be reached by rail from Cuzco or Ollantaytambo to a small town AguasCalientes. From here it is short trip by bus or taxi to the ruins. It takes around five hours to reach AguasCalientes which can be cut short by getting off at Poroy followed by a bus ride to Cuzco.

Cuzco to Machu Picchu by Train

Peru has a good network of train services.  The southern network includes trains from Cuzco to Macchu Picchu while the northern network connects Lima with Huancavo. There are three private companies operating in the southern network – Peru rail, Macchu Picchu trains and Inca rail.

Peru Rail

It includes train services for all classes of people. The most expensive train operating in this route is the super deluxe “Hiram Bingham”. It includes gourmet brunch, dinner, entertainment, bus connections and entrance to Macchu Picchu citadel with guided tour. Other trains are “The Vistadome”, formerly called Backpacker train, and “The Expedition”. Vistadome is of mid budget range. It includes snacks and entertainment where the cabin crew performs a traditional dance and a fashion show featuring Alpaca shawls and sweaters. Expedition train is least expensive. It follows the Urubamba River along the Urubamba Valley to AguasCalientes. Seating arrangement, time duration and the exotic scenery all through the journey are similar in both trains. It takes approximately 5 hours to reach the Heritage site. Peru rail has a website from where tickets can be directly booked without the extra charges of tour operators.   Trains depart early morning and arrive at AguasCalientes midmorning, and leave for the return trip to Cusco by late afternoon. Visitors may take a day trip or halt overnight at AguasCalientes.  An oOvernight stay helps to visit the park early or late in the day and avoid crowds.

Machu Picchu Trains, Inca  Rail

The other two private companies offer shuttle train services to Machu Picchu from Ollantaytambo. Trains in this route are known to be cleanest with very efficient and courteous staff. It has a see through roof which helps to enjoy more of the wonderful place.

Lima to Machu Picchu by Train

To reach Inca ruins from Lima, the intermediate destination is again Cusco. However, there are no trains connecting Lima with Cusco. The two alternative modes of transport available are bus and air transport.

Thus, train is the best option to visit the picturesque place in order to enjoy the beauty of the valley thoroughly.

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