Russian Hair Extensions

Russian Hair Extensions

Russian hair extensions have created a revolution in the hair styling industry. Read our guide below for more facts and information on Russian hair extensions…

Hair is the most vital asset for a woman and styling it like celebrities is one dream every woman harbors. Unfortunately, not all are gifted with luscious hair that obviously limits one’s styling options. However, now styling is no longer a far-away dream thanks to wonderful Russian hair extensions.

Human Vs Synthetic Extensions

Hair extensions are made of human hair and synthetic hair. And can swiftly change your bob cut to lovely flowing hair in just a few minutes. The human hair ones are obviously preferred as they look and feel more natural and do not cause any allergic reactions to the wearer.

The other major advantage of human hair extensions is that they can be colored and styled just like normal hair. Whereas with synthetic hair extensions you end up being stuck with only one color as they cannot be colored. Also you are not left with much styling options as they cannot be styled using hot iron, hot curls or any style that needs the hair to be treated to extreme heat.

Advantages of Russian Hair Extensions

Natural human hair extensions come from various parts of the world and amongst these, Russian hair extensions are given preference. The reason for this preference is that amongst all the hair in the world, Russian hair is the silkiest, purest and has exceptional quality.

These extensions are absolutely pure as they are untouched by chemical treatments. As expected, Russian hair extensions are extremely difficult to get and are priced quite high. But once you have used Russian hair extensions, you would never use any other.

The feel and look is so grand that you look stunning. The beauty of these hair extensions is that they merge so beautifully with your natural hair that it would take an expert to decipher that you are wearing hair extensions.


Once you have spent exorbitantly on your hair extensions, it is advisable to go to an expert stylist for proper styling and maintenance. This way you would be able to maintain the extensions for months.

You can go in for coloring or perming too under the supervision of your stylist without damaging your hair extensions. Depending on your preference, you may go in for extensions of different lengths and create a new look every time you step out. You could look and feel like a diva with Russian hair extensions.

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