Title Documents For Mobile Homes In California

Need info on the title document for mobile home in California? Learn more about the contents of the mobile home title document in California…

The title document for a mobile home in California is issued in order to award ownership of the mobile home to the person who is named in the title deed. It differs slightly from the title deed for regular homes issued in California.

The main difference between the regular house and a mobile home is that the mobile home is classified as personal property. Therefore the transfer of the title of a mobile home is conducted at the Department of Housing. There is no record at the county for change in ownership.

Converting A Mobile Home Into Real Property With The Title Document

In order to make a mobile home real property you need to be the owner of the land that the home is placed on. Following this the home can be permanently affixed with the land. After having the foundation system approved by the county, a form can be acquired and filed.  The form 433A provides all the details and is required by the county for this procedure.

If the mobile home is located in a mobile home park then the land is owned by the landowner or developer of the park. The mobile homeowner would pay a monthly rental fee for this space. The foundation of the house would never be affixed onto the land permanently. However, this is not a general rule of thumb, and it is possible to get a mobile home park with the land in the name of the owner of the house also.

Transferring Of The Title And Taxation

If you own the land and a mobile home but the home is not permanently fixed to the land, then transferring the title is handled as true transactions under one escrow. In this case the title would be transferred after the value of the land and home is determined by the client. Following this the grant deed is placed on record in order to transfer the title of the land. The mobile home transfer is subsequently handled and processed at the Department of Housing.  However, the title insurance is issued against the value of the land and not the house.

Taxes On Mobile Homes

There are property taxes due on the mobile home even if it is not fixed on the land through a solid foundation. Since the taxes are titled as personal taxes but paid up as property tax, the title must be transferred through the relevant Department of Housing in the county. Even if the mobile home is not on a tax roll it still needs to be registered with the Department of Housing.

In addition to the tax you would have to pay a conditional fee and get the tax clearance certificate for the escrow. Approximately one year’s tax in escrow is collected from the owner by the county. This is done to ensure that there are no delinquent taxes. It takes a long time for the Department of Housing to complete the procedure for the transfer title of mobile homes in California.

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