Flea Markets South Africa

Interested in visiting the Flea Markets in South Africa? Discover the lifestyle and expressive arts and crafts of the South African flea market…

The South African flea markets are an expression of the arts and crafts and local cuisine of the people along with being a way of life. From providing food and refreshments along with accommodation and transportation linked to the flea market, the daily rigors of the commute and thought process make it a way of life.

A trip to South Africa is incomplete without a shopping spree at one of the amazing flea markets dotting the entire country. A comprehensive guide is available to choose a flea market in close proximity to one’s accommodation. The Majority of the traders and their goods and services are listed on the flea market guide to make it a worthwhile visit and for added convenience.

Burma Lake Flea-market Boksburg South Africa

If you are in Boksburg South Africa then the perfect place to visit is the Burma Lake flea market. Located at the corner of Marcy Avenue and Ernest Oppenheimer Avenue one finds the flea market right across the Eastgate shopping mall. It is one of the largest flea markets in South Africa and requires a few hours of time to browse the entire breadth of the flea market and pick up amazing bargains.

There are a plethora of clothing items, African wooden craft pieces, plastic gadgets, secondhand clothing, which is very funky, furniture pieces and textiles and even some antiques. There are more than 600 traders who provide homemade toys, arts and crafts pieces — among other items. The market has the main open-air arena and in that arena visitors can sit and watch the ethnic entertainment being played out live for the enjoyment of the audience.

Another amazing flea market can be found at Bunny Park. It offers an amazing experience that covers colorful crafts and art projects. Its more than one hundred stalls in an enclosed park itself are an experience. Offering aromatherapy soaps and scented candles, handmade jewelry, metal work, embroidery and other different accessories, they add charm to the area. One can also purchase toys, fabric painting or different kits for creating crafts. The plethora of jewelry and metalwork along with home baked goodies and plants make for a full day of shopping adventures. Shopping can be intermingled with a picnic or tea break in the beautifully designed park. Ideal for shopping and enjoying a day out with the family you can take in the sand art and face painting activities for the children, while pony and camel rides can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Other popular flea markets across South Africa include the Marketplace at Brightwaters, the Michael Mount Organic Village Market, the Hatfield Market, the Green Market in Pretoria, Brianstall Organic Market and the Village Walk African Cultural Market.

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