Gold Bangles South Africa

Interested in gold bangles from South Africa? Learn more about South African gold bangles and the different varieties and designs, which are popular around the world…

South African gold bangles are known for their unique designs and styles. The bangles are crafted in two types, which are the slip on bangles and ones with a clasp that can be opened to slide the bangle onto the wrist. The closed slip-on bangle requires an exact fit for the wearer, which is measured in inches for the inner diameter of the bangle to ensure appropriate, long-lasting comfort.

The bangles come in eight generic classes that are categorized based on their finish and description. The finishing is on the top and the base is always 22-carat solid gold, which ensures the purity of the jewelry. Some of the bangles are embellished with precious stones on enamel and may even have horns, buffalo hair and elephant tusk pieces along with mother-of-pearl used to embellish them and provide a natural feel of the South African wildlife.

Solid gold bangles are exceptionally well crafted and may be either the clasp style or the slip on bangles. They can be finished in multi-tone colors of white gold and copper or even be hand-painted with enamel.

Other types of gold bangles include the ones encrusted with precious gemstones. These are studded in different styles with sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Again they are available in the slip on style or the hinge style. These can ideally suit the person who requires a size smaller or two sizes larger and the hinge allows adjustment for a perfect fit.

Stone bangles are embellished and studded with semiprecious stones. They can be either the hinge style or slip on bangles in solid gold. These are embellished with stones like coral, pearls, garnet and jades.

Certain bangles are very exquisite and are intricately designed for formal wear or as a bespoke piece of jewelry. The general design followed for this kind of bangle category is known as filigree work and has a Victorian appeal and style. The bracelets or the single bangle are crafted to be worn on their own. These again are slip on or finished with a clasp.

The price of the bangles depends on the weight of gold used to create them and it is possible to get single bangles in a narrow style or heavy and thick strips of gold. The set of bangles can be purchased in pairs or multiples of four as per the requirements of the buyer. With the latest rage of rhodium finished and white gold bangles it is possible to get two tone bangles that are made out of solid gold, but finished off with yellow and white or black and white. This finishing is done only on the surface to enhance the beauty and design of the gold bangles. Gold bangles in South Africa are crafted out of 22 carat gold.

One of the most iconic gold bangles to originate from South Africa is the one crafted to commemorate the 91st birthday of Nelson Mandela. Working to support research against HIV and AIDS, a lot of international celebrities support Mandela in his fight against the disease. His prison number at the Robben Island prison was 46664 and this has become the name of his establishment, which manufactures precious jewelry and solid gold bangles in South Africa as a nonprofit organization. 60 percent of the proceeds of the sale of these Gold bangles in South Africa go towards fighting the HIV and AIDS virus.


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