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The United States Army base Camp Humpherys in South Korea is located adjacent to the metropolitan area of Pyeongtaek and very close to Anjung-Ri, which is located in the Gyeonggi-do province. It was initially known as K-6 during the Korean conflict but had been renamed to Camp Humpherys thereafter.

Specifications of Camp Humpherys in South Korea

It lies only 55 miles south of Seoul and is a very rapidly developing installation under the ownership of the U.S. Army. It is known as the Hump and has one of the busiest overseas airfields in the region. The Desiderio Army Airfield caters to more than 60,000 annual craft movements. Apart from that Camp Humphreys in South Korea is also home to the direct support, tactical units as well as transportation facilities for the U.S. Air Force as well as US Army. There are more than 9500 military staff and 1000 of their family members located on the base.

Covering a width of 1.6 km and 3 km of length, Camp Humpherys in South Korea has a total area of 1,500,000 pyeong, which is measured as 1 pyeong = 3.3 m. On the base there are different facilities including post exchanges, commissary, a theater, a children’s water park and an Olympic sized swimming pool for the family members along with an indoor swimming pool. Apart from that there are small shops, a bowling alley and three AAFES.

Camp Humphreys – Home to the 8th U.S. Army

The base also functions as a confinement facility in South Korea. It houses people under military confinement for a maximum of one year until they can be transferred to a US prison. The Eighth United States Army is considered one of the most important tactical units that are based at the Camp Humphreys site. Some of these units include the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade, 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion, 557th Military Police Company, 527th Military Intelligence Battalion, 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion, 501st Sustainment Brigade, 501st Signal Company, 52nd Ordnance Company, the 249th MP Detachment and the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade (Second Infantry Division).

History of Camp Humphreys in South Korea

It was actually in 1919 that Imperial Japanese Army developed the airfield. Korean labor was utilized to build the airfield known as Pyeongtaek Airfield due to its close proximity to that metropolis. It was renamed the K-6 when it was taken over for repairs and enhancement by the U.S. Air Force during the Korean conflict.
Initially it was home to the 614th Tactical Control Group as well as a Marine Air Group. In the year 1962 it was renamed after the military personnel CW2 Benjamin K. Humphreys who was part of the 6th Transportation Company and died in a helicopter crash.

The site was renamed in order to honor him for his services to different military missions. By acquiring different land settlements from neighboring areas the US Army base was expanded considerably.

As part of global repositioning of military assets the US military plans to move different regiments in various locations, but there is widespread opposition on a global level to the planned move.

However, this has not deterred the US Air Force and Army from establishing different headquarters for infantry divisions and many villagers have been removed forcibly from different areas to acquire land for the continuous expansion of Camp Humphreys and South Korea.

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