Swiss Camping guide: Campsites in Switzerland

Are you going camping in Switzerland? Do you want to know about the best campsites in Switzerland? Our guide to camping & camp sites in Switzerland gives you the information you want.

Campsites in Switzerland

Camping is a popular activity in Switzerland both among local Swiss people and foreign tourists. Most towns and even many villages in Switzerland have organised campsites; however, availability of these campsites in Switzerland depends on seasonal factors. Because of the very cold weather in Switzerland during the winter months, camping is less commonplace and often many campsites in Switzerland are closed outside of the peak summer months. This is especially the case for campsites located at high altitudes in the mountains of Switzerland where the weather becomes extremely cold during the winter.

Camping facilities & prices in Switzerland

Like many things in Switzerland, the quality of campsites is very good with availability of washing and showering facilities with hot and cold running water. Campsites in Switzerland charge in three ways: per person, per tent and per car. Prices for campsites in Switzerland are generally quite low and definitely a good option for backpackers on a limited budget for their holiday. Tourists wishing to do some camping or mountain walking in Switzerland in the busy summer months are advised to book ahead in order to avoid disappointment as many popular campsites in Switzerland can often become full to capacity.

Camping in Switzerland

Swiss people in general are sticklers for the law and it is because of this that unauthorised camping in unadvisable. Unauthorised campers in populated areas are likely to be reported to the authorities, who in turn will ask unauthorised campers to move on. Despite this, it has been known for campers to set up camp in quiet and unpopulated areas without incurring any trouble. However, due to the large number of official campsites scattered across Switzerland it is always preferable to camp on one of these sites.

Campsite lists for Switzerland

A comprehensive list of official campsites in Switzerland can be obtained from any Swiss tourist office. Those campers wishing to do a lot of camping at various camp sites across Switzerland should consider purchasing an international camping card which entitles holders to discounted rates at all campsites across Switzerland.

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