Interventional Cardiology Manufacturers in Korea

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There are many reputable interventional cardiology manufacturers in Korea that facilitate the domestic and global medical equipment market. Equipment importation in Korea has outgrown exporting drastically as the region develops as a leading surgical center.

Heart disease is rapidly increasing on a global level and spurring the demand for noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures. The interventional cardiology field has seen great advancements in its application in the recent decade resulting in more companies focusing on the research and development of high quality equipment.

Equipment and Procedures of Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology deals with the use of different safety tests that are utilized to assist in structural heart diseases and their treatment. There are different types of procedures performed under this division of cardiology.

The five major categories of interventional cardiology manufacturers in Korea are related to the coronary stent, cardiac catheters, PTCA balloons, coronary guide wires, and finally the arteriotomy closure devices

The procedure entails the insertion of the sheaths into the larger artery or vein. A cannula may also be inserted through visualizing under an x-ray. It can be inserted into the radial artery if it is easy to ensure that bleeding is controlled.

The different kind of interventional cardiology equipment manufactured in Korea includes the cannula, stents, balloons and sheaths along with x-ray machines for fluoroscopy.

These procedures are popularly utilized because they are performed by making a small hole directly on the main artery. This results in a scar-less procedure, which is known as pinhole surgery and is much simpler than the keyhole surgery.

Different Medical Equipment Manufactured in Korea

Companies involved in the manufacturing of different accessories, supplies and medical equipment for leading international organizations have to follow international standards in order to conform to quality requirements.

There are individual manufacturers for needles, uni-body insulin syringes that are the integrated type along with disposable syringes and their needles.

Life science companies focus on developing technology and utilizing top-quality research facilities to focus on developing innovative products for the biotech industry and pharmaceutical companies, which include stents and balloons along with the specific cardiac catheters.

Different infrared and moxibution techniques from Oriental medicine are perfected and used by manufacturers like Hongik to benefit modern-day scientific instrument development.

Standardization and regulatory framework for interventional cardiology procedures are the most common kind utilized in Europe and other countries. There have been different imaging technologies that facilitate this procedure. Since it is a rapidly developing field there is immense focus on developing the standards and constructing the regulatory framework to monitor the development of equipment.

In terms of the radiology imaging equipment required for the procedure there is a great deal of emphasis in the design, manufacturing procedure as well as the of comments specifications of the radiology interventional cardiology equipment.

In order for interventional cardiology manufacturer from Korea to be able to bid on international tenders for materials they have to conform to the standards and demonstrate the equipment before it is purchased.

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