Turkish Brass Lamp

Looking for a pierced Turkish brass lamp for your chandelier? Want a Turkish style vintage hanging lamp to illuminate your living room with all the charm of the orient? Our guide to Turkish brass lamps gives you the information you want to know.

Turkey was ruled by the Muslims for over 600 years under the Ottoman Empire. Since the time span of the rule is so extensive, it is but natural that Turkey saw many new developments during this time. The Ottoman Empire extended over three continents and had people from different races and religions. During the first half of their rule the Muslims managed to make Turkey the most advanced nation in terms of science, technology, education and arts and crafts. Although the last 300 years of the empire was when they were struck with a period of decline and stagnation some of their hard work remained and still remains unchallenged by any other nation.

Turkish Brass Lamp Chandelier

The rich legacy that the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire left behind is unparalleled by any other civilization. The amazing architecture of that era still stands witness to the advanced aesthetics of the artists of those times. Architecture was not the only area of expertise of the Muslims at that time; rather they made all sorts of items such as crockery and home decoration. Amongst those things that the Muslims excelled in producing were Brass lamps. These lamps still stand witness to the creativity and skill of the artists that labored day and night to produce such outstanding pieces of art.

 Pierced Turkish Lamps

On of the unique characteristics of the Ottoman Turkish artists was the ability to incorporate graphic arts into the most practical of things. This would enhance the value of that product without having to compromise on the practicality of the function. It is this balance between form and function that was the target of these artists and their sole aim was to maintain that balance. There are many examples from that era that clearly show this aspect of their creativity. They produced graphic arts on bowls, plates, coffee pots and grinders and of course the Turkish brass lamp is no exception.

These lamps served the purpose of illuminating the surrounding milieu in more than one way. Not only were they effective when it came to producing light they also had eye catching designs that would keep the on looker gazing in wonder. The over all linear form and tall structure of these lamps made them hard to miss. But the real wonders were only to be revealed on close inspection. The Turkish artists of that time were known to be masters at miniature pattern work. They were the foremost in producing amazing fresh patterns that had a life long appeal. Further more their interesting use of color gave their art work a distinctive look.

Hanging Antique Turkish Brass Lamps

These brass lamps which were used to bring light into dark rooms are now being used world wide. They are part of that rich legacy of arts and crafts by which the memories of the Ottoman Empire live on. However today we have electricity hence these lamps are hardly used for the function that they were created for. Rather they are used as a means of decorating houses and offices all around the world.

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